Book of MadnessMature

Let us delve into the criminal mind of the insane. Let us explore the very naked essence of Superheroes and Supervillains. Let us see.


As the fall of Kings in the Tragedy's of old, the fall of the greatest cities is inevitable, and should a hero rise up to challenge the downfall, then they shall become this generation's Hercules. Having struggled against the very Gods, cursed to madness and death.

Indeed, every city at the heights of fashion, of politic, of the arts and of the military are doomed to fail. An escalating series of events that has only one course. All to soon, any small crime is acted upon with severity, to maintain a flawless perception to the outer world, and those of other countries pray upon this paranoia, for they have already won.

With such severity, the criminal underclass will meet them directly, crimes will become bigger, often with people willingly taking the fall to make their points and others follow by example.

The enforcers are then, themselves, forced to improve their weapons, vehicles and tactics as crime becomes more organised. Even to the point of... pre-emptive action.

But it is too late to save themselves. Those who wish to succeed as the super-power of the world have already seen that this city has shot itself in the leg and is only limping on now. Soon this city shall be put down.

With the threat of being taken from your very house, riots and strikes ensue and the criminals are pushed into desperation. They need leaders, crime lords of outstanding intelligence and creativity. Enforcer numbers increase ten-fold, weapons are wildly used, prisons quickly becoming full and snitches revealed. But with outstanding wit and creativity comes insanity. And this... oh this is when the city will truly burn. Rage with infernos that smoulder into ash and embers leaving non alive. What the city truly needs then, is a hero. As the tragic heroes of old, born to heights but born from flaw... to rise and fall and purge the city in death. To become a martyr. That is what the city needs to live on.

I am blind, yet I see more than anyone, the true plight of Heliopolis.

Edward Gabriel

The End

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