The Order of Gij hunts for a traitor who has stolen the Lineage.

Each day, for over two thousands years, the Line Master of the Order of the Gij drew a solitary line into the Book of Lines. He had learned, over the course of his entire life, to draw a line of perfect length and straightness - just as each generation before him. This daily ritual was the greatest honor in the Empire and each line was as perfect as the last.

There existed 11 Books of Lines, documenting each day in the life of men. These volumes - known collectively as The Lineage - were the physical representation of history of the Order, the Empire, and indeed civilization itself. They contained over one million perfectly inked lines and were revered as treasures of the Empire.

And so, on the 40th day of the 2739th year of Man, when Line Master Klanei drew a crooked line, his shame was so great that he stole away with the the entire Lineage and fled to the Rising Edge, taking with him all the years and lives of the Ancesters.

The Emperor, enraged at the theft of the Ancestors, commanded the Order of Gij to seek and eliminate Klanei.  But one does not become Line Master without some guile...

The End

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