Train Ride

Today I find myself finally traveling once more, this time, out of the crowded city of tall buildings that I have been in for several days. Throughout the night, I could feel the Fantalabri getting closer, and I needed to find a way out before it found me. I never did find enough money to buy a ride on a bus or a subway, so I had to resort to a less clean method of escaping the ever present lights and shadows. I found an empty car on a freight train and I decided that that it was the best chance of escaping my impending fate for a little longer as I have no way of knowing where it will take me.

I think this freight car I am currently residing in was once used to transport crates and barrels as the floor is littered with splinters of wood in all shapes and sizes. I have no electricity here, so I may not be able to post my next entry until I have arrived in a place where I can charge this machine I am using. The wooden floor is rather uncomfortable to sit on or lay on so I am still working on a way of making a bed for myself. It is also very dark here; It is not a warm time of year yet and it seems to be getting colder, so I had to shut the giant rolling doors of the car in order to stay warm. The light from this machine is all that will provide me light until it runs out of power. After this device dies, all I have to give me light is the sun and a small, portable lamp in my bag of belongings that I have collected in last few weeks. The dark has never bothered me in the past, but now that I am unable to return to my home as I please, the dark feels more dangerous, even in an empty train car. At least I know that I am safe as long as I am in here, after all, the train keeps moving, hasn't seemed to show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

I just thought that it would be important to document this kind of situation. I know most people probably wouldn't care to read this entry, but it brings me comfort to know that I can tell my story to the world, and that somewhere out there, there is someone who cares. I think this is a good time to end this post as I should save what little power I have left in case of an emergency. As I depart for now, I leave you to consider my situation; don't take for granted that nice cozy home you live in, or the love that your family has for you. Don't ever pass up the opportunity to help someone in need just because you have your own agenda to keep to. Don't ever believe that you don't have enough to keep you happy because there are people out there, like the old man on the street corner with his hat out for coins, who have nothing. I used to have something; something important to me. That one personal possession that I cared about deeply was taken away from me. I have nothing left but the memories of the past--that's all I need to keep me happy. There is always someone out there who has less than you, so go ahead: pay the restaurant bill for that family at the next table over, play a simple game of cards with your elderly neighbor, and maybe spare a dollar for that old man on the street corner--he will be grateful.


The End

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