The Flood

I was still learning about my mission when the news came to Heaven about Cain slaying his younger brother. Our father was furious. He could not accept that someone could have such jealousy and hate toward a member of their own family that sent a curse upon Cain, forcing him to find other work as the Earth would not bring him crops. This curse became a warning to all that the act of murder angered the Lord. Such a vile act was something that not even angels could bear to witness. Unfortunately, mankind ignored the Lord's warning and continued to see how easy it was to kill another person. All the children of Adam and Eve, all their children's children, and their children after that began to feel a sense of greed and envy. War broke out between individuals and the bloodshed continued. Some angels tried to intervene and stop the killing, but were unsuccessful. Finally, Father had had enough, he soon set out to "cleanse the Earth," as he put it, even though what he really meant was destroy. He set out to find Noah, for his family was a family that swore never to slay a human being, and they were the only family that did not slay. Father instructed the man to build a great arc that would be big enough to hold two of every creature that walked the Earth, along with his family and the tools they would need to start over again. And they did build an arc to the Lord's specifications.

The rain began slow. I remember standing on a flat rock as it fell from the clouds so gently. It felt wonderful; basking in the rain and feeling its refreshing affection on the skin was a luxury not often had up in Heaven. The lightning looked so beautiful against the dark clouds that formed. Even the faint rumble of thunder was a peaceful sound. That all changed extremely fast. After just one day of gentle rain, the sky turned fierce and the clouds opened up to release endless masses of water. The once beautiful lightning became more intense as it flashed fast enough and bright enough to put fear in your eyes. And the defining thunder, it was enough to send even the bravest angel to cower in the shelter of Heaven's roof. I wished so greatly to join my fellow kin in the safety of our father's palace, but the Elder made me stand atop the highest mountain to watch it all. After twenty days, the oceans of Heaven still continued to rain down upon the Earth. The water filled the valleys forced the people and their cattle to higher ground. I watched as the people struggled to get to safety and I watched as they begged their Lord for mercy. I wished so badly to help them but the Elder wouldn't let me. After thirty days and nights of watching the life that my father so dearly loved meet their end, I could not stand to see it anymore. I tried to run back to my home but the Elder held me in place to watch as the rain continued to fall. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop the endless horde of tears that filled my eyes. I remember so vividly at one point turning around to see the next tallest mountain peak where through my blurry eyesight, I saw a large cloaked figure staring down at the water below. The Elder proceeded to tell me who it was, but I already knew. On the fortieth day, the rain stopped and the water slowly began to recede.

This global disaster taught all of us a valuable lesson. Humans were not invincible, and they would never be able to stand up to the power of our father. He was so greatly angered by having to resort to this final end to the violence that he locked himself up in his throne. We have not seen him since then.  After I saw the shear power that Father wielded, I didn't think I could ever bear to see it again; I still don't. After days of mourning the loss of so many lives during my father's rage, I vowed that I would never let the world become so corrupt that it would happen again. I look around today, in the world of humans, to see that the violence and the greed and the envy that blinded the people in Noah's time is even worse now. I wonder if Father had accepted the fact that he can't change people, or if he just doesn't care anymore. I also realize now, how stupid I was to think that I could have ever prevented this kind of madness on my own. Now look at me, I am among them. Every day I slowly turn into one of them. I don't want this life anymore, but I don't know how to fix it. All I can do is spend each night crying in the dim light of the moon and pray that I will be given one more chance. I don't understand what I did, Father. Please help me understand my fault so I can fix this. I can change, just let me. Please.


The End

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