One of the first things every angel learns is the story of the creation of all things. Most angel learned about the creation from one of the archangels. the archangels were the first born and therefore the first to learn the story and pass it on to the rest of us. I however, did not learn the creation story from an archangel. The Elder was the one who told the story to me. It was an easy story to remember: Our father created the universe in six days. The first day he created Heaven and Earth and light to fill the void of darkness that surrounded. On the second day he created land to separate the vast ocean that covered Earth. On the third day he made all plant life that covers the land that separates the vast ocean. The fourth day, our father created the moon to light up the night sky and break the darkness that not even he could see through. On the fifth day all the animals that swim in the oceans came to be by the words of our father. Finally, on the sixth and final day of creation, he created all the creatures that walk on land. All the cattle and the horses; the lions and tigers; all the snakes that slither and the lizards that scurry about. And he created man; humans; people. They were all his creations. And on the seventh day: our father rested. Such an easy story to memorize.  

You may have noticed that angels were never mentioned in this story; not in Heaven's version of the story or the Bible's. This is because angels were not one of the original creations. Angels were created later, after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Father could no longer trust humans, so he created us to watch over them. I was an exception to the majority as I was sent to teach the people who Father thought could be trusted with such knowledge that the tree provided, but you already know that.

When we first learned the story of the creation, we accepted it as the most accurate truth of how everything came to be. We were not to question anything from this history or suggest other things played a part of our father's greatest work and we were disciplined by the archangels if we ever did. For all the years I had been a tenant of Heaven, I kept these kinds of thoughts to myself for that reason, but now that I no longer reside in Heaven under the rule of the archangels, I feel that I can express my concerns about the creation. Through my recent observations about how humans today view their Holy Bible, I have notice some similarities between their thoughts and my own. For instance, many humans accept the fact that dinosaurs once lived on Earth as did mammoths and saber tooth cats, and that they are never mentioned in their Bible like all the other animals. I too find it difficult to believe that they were never mentioned anywhere in the Bible, especially the creation story. Similarly, one of the things that remains unmentioned in the Bible that had always confused me is the origin of the archangels. According to what the archangels told us, they were the first born angels to the Father, however, the day Lucifer fell, I overheard Michael say something that sounded as if they have been around since before Father created everything. Hearing that always made me wonder if there was something that they were not telling us; or if our Father was trying to keep something a secret; if he is, then not even the Elder knows, and he knows everything. What are you hiding Father, and why won't you tell us? What do you know that I...we shouldn't?


The End

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