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Join Ember, a once revered and special angel in Heaven, in her day to day journal as she struggles through the hardships of having been turned human, in order to uncover the mystery behind why she fell. Occasional religious/spiritual topics are part of the story; please enjoy with an open mind.

Author's Note: I have this same story on figment.com under the title Thoughts and Memories of a Fallen Angel. I started the story there and usually post new chapters there first. If you don't see anything new for a while, you may check there.


Hello. My name is Ember, and I am an angel...was an angel. I'm not exactly sure how I fell; it is a side effect of losing your grace, some angels don't have amnesia like this, some angels can experience amnesia like this for decades or centuries before they finally have a recollection of the events before they fell. I personally hope I can remember soon. All I know now is that whatever I did to lose my grace, it was a very severe crime against Heaven because I have the Fantalabri after me. You probably don't know what that is since you have never seen one. The Fantalabri is a bounty hunter, usually sent by the archangels to hunt and destroy demons. Humans can't see it because it is shrouded by the Divine Veil much like dragons, unicorns, the Yeti and many other creatures that humans consider to be mystical or paranormal. Right now it is after me and I am terrified of what might happen to me if it finds me. Every day I am running from it but this human body I now have makes it difficult remain hidden. As an angel, I never needed food, water or sleep. Now, I break my father's eighth commandment every day just to eat and keep my stomach full, and I drink the water from the lakes and streams for hydration; but I still can't sleep at night knowing that thing is out there searching for me.

I managed to acquire this unique machine recently; I believe people call it a laptop. I know it was wrong to steal it, I will give its owner a replacement some day, but I find this device to be rather useful in my travels. It is a little inconvenient to have to stop and plug it into a power source every other night but I can't be picky. I have come to find comfort in this machine. The light it gives off helps me feel safe at night even though I am completely vulnerable against the wandering eyes of the Fantalabri. Yesterday, I was looking up things on this laptop's information processor and found the place I am at now where I can write stories and post them up for the world to see. As an angel, it was forbidden to reveal to a human any of my personal thoughts and memories. I never did understand why, it was just a rule that my father made for us; I'm sure there was a good reason. Since I have nothing left to lose in what little time I have left until the Fantalabri finally finds me, I figure I would just take advantage of my ability to tell everyone my story, or at least what I remember. I will try to post something new every night before I try to sleep but I can't promise anything. If you don't hear from me in several days, it is probable because I am in a really difficult situation. Please try to remain with me as I struggle to remember what happened when I fell. I only need to remember that one moment and then I will have a chance to redeem myself. I understand that I did wrong and all I want to do is fix it. Have faith in me but don't leave me with you sympathy, I don't deserve it. And I know you can hear me Father: please have mercy.


The End

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