Book Love

a boy and girl meet through a box of books and the love that develops between them.

"Winter, I think I am having separation anxiety. I have to get rid of these books, but I have had some of them for six years!" Giulia exclaimed with a dramatic tone in her voice. "Giulia! They are just books. I know you love to read, but they are material items! You are so crazy. Just load them up in a box and take them to Edward McKay; get new ones! Check if there are any I would read too." Winter said, laughing at her friend for loving books so much.

She had known Giulia since the eighth grade and this year they had grown very close, sharing everything with each other, from books to secrets about boys they liked. The one thing that Winter realized about Giulia was she always had a book with her; she was always reading a supernatural romance or a strange science fiction book. That is just how Giulia is; Winter was also like that, though whether she was actually reading the book she was carrying around is a different story. "Winter, are you even going to read the books if I give them to you? We both know how you are! You pick up a book that you find interesting, you read some of it, you put it down, and it is weeks before you so much as open the book again! I do not understand how you do that, but that is what you do." Giulia said teasingly. "Hey, I have had a lot going on, OK? I do not have any time to read books anymore! Anyways, you are one to talk! I have not seen  you read that book sitting on your desk in three or four weeks. " "Hey now, I have had a lot of school work too! You know that this year is crazy; being juniors is di-" Giulia stopped talking as she realized she was giving the same excuse as Winter had; Winter was so gonna make fun of her now. "Hey, Giulia, is that not what I just said? You cannot talk!" Both of the girls looked at each other and began to laugh; they had a tendency of doing that.

-briiiiiiing- "awww, there is the bell for third period! I do not want to go to US History, Winter! Let's just ditch school and go to the library!" Giulia groaned. "Out of all the places to ditch, you would say the library, wouldn't you Giulia? You are such a nerd!" teased Winter. "Hey, I never claimed I wasn't one! You know I like being a nerd" Giulia said as they both headed down the halls of Pine Ridge High School, on the way to third period. Giulia arrived at the hallway she had to go down and departed with Winter.

She stopped at her locker to gather her things for third and fourth period, than walked into the classroom, mentally preparing herself for two hours of utter boredom. Third period was the period when all of the students ate lunch, so the period was extra long. 

After the two hours of torture was over, Giulia groaned as she thought about going to her last period of the day. It was Algebra II; she hated that class. Not only did she hate math in general, the class was loud and obnoxious, particularly one of the students. His name was Alec and he never took anything seriously; he drives the rest of the class crazy and the teacher hates him.

"okay class, we are going to be learning about exponential functions today. Take out a piece of paper and start writing down these notes from the Smart Board". Alec, of course, jumps in with a smart remark, "you mean the Dumb Board Mrs. Lopes! That thing never works right" he jokes, laughing hysterically. The teacher profusely ignores him and the rest of the class tells him to shut up. This is how it is for the next hour and a half; the class trying to learn and take notes as Alec aggravates the rest of the class. This is how it is every single day for Giulia and she hates it.

Sometimes, she wishes she could just punch Alec in the face, but she is one of those girls that never gets in trouble; she has never had detention, gotten written up, been suspended, had ISS. She is the girl who does all of her work and never lets anyone copy her homework. Many people would call this "goody two-shoes", but she just sees it as doing the right thing. 

Class ends, Giulia makes her way to her locker to head home for the day. Winter is waiting there for her, as always. "Hey Winter! How was your day? Do you think you did good on your chemistry test?" Giulia asked as she opened her locker and began taking books out to put in her bookbag. "Oh, my day was OK. As for that chemistry test, I think I did really bad on it. I should have studied more!" Winter said with a wail. "I am sure you did fine Winter! Even if you did not do good on it, you can just do the make up test!" Giulia said encouragingly. "I know Giul, but you know how I get when it comes to that class!" Winter is always worrying about her chemistry grade, she goes to the teacher to check it practically every other day. They head up the stairs to go to Winter's locker and then they go to wait outside. 

They greet their two friends, Krissie and Blaire, asking how their day was. Winter, Giulia, Blaire, and Krissie all hang out for five or ten minutes until they all have to leave. Winter always leaves first without fail, Krissie and Blaire do not always leave at the same time. Krissie walks and Blaire has a car pool so he always has to wait for her.

Giulia is almost always the last one of her friends to leave the school; her dad picks her up in his white Ford around 4:30 pm. This sounds like a terribly dreadful long wait, the school bell to release the students rings at 3:35, but Giulia is used to leaving at this time. Her father is a teacher at the middle school she went to, which is Hill Crest Middle School; it is about five minutes away from Pine Ridge. 

Giulia mingles with her other friends as she waits for her father to come pick her up, most of these friends are freshmen and know who her father is. Sometimes this gets annoying because everyone is always asking her "woah! You are Mr. Anderson's daughter?" She reluctantly says yes and when her father comes to pick her up many of the freshmen go up to his truck and speak with him, which is fine, but she really wants to get home most of the time and does not want to wait. She is also a very impatient girl.

Her father, Leonard Anderson, is not her biological father; he is her stepfather, but he raised her for ten years so she calls him dad. She has not seen her biological father in ten years and she is not sure that she ever will see him again due to certain circumstances that happened when she was a child. She argues with her father a lot, mostly when he thinks that he knows everything and she is trying to correct him. He can be very annoying because he is often mean and needs to prove that he is always right, even if other people know more about a particular subject than he does. This is just how he is and she has grown accustom to it over the years; though sometimes it still drives her crazy. 

Giulia and her father get home and she waits for him to unlock the door. She greets the three dogs; Rayray, Hope, and Carly, that reside in her house; she also greets her cat, Reno. She heads upstairs to get started on her homework, settling down for a few hours. She turns on her new Evanescence album to do her homework; music helps her concentrate and it feels like things get done quicker. After two or three hours she is finally done, a sense of freedom and relief pouring through her as she puts her things away. It is monday and she loves to watch the television shows that come on that particular night on Fox, which are How I Met Your Mother, Two and A Half Men, Two Broke Girls, and Mike & Molly. After they are over she goes upstairs to socialize on Facebook for an hour and then she goes to bed, saying her nightly prayers. 

This is a typical day in her normal, teen life and she thinks it is rather mediocre. She wants some excitement and adventure, but she knows it will never happen. This is what she thinks at least; she would never suspect who she is going to meet in a few days and how he is going to make her life filled with joy and meaning. 

The End

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