Goodnight SweetieMature

Half an hour later Gabriel was asleep and Deacon was sewing a deep cut just in front of Dawn's ear. Deacon yawned widely and Dawn growled.

“Go to bed Deacon” Dawn said quietly “we've got some time before we have to leave”

“How do you know?” Dawn flinched as another stitch went into his face.

“Paradise time is slightly behind ours at the moment” Dawn yawned in response to Deacon's own yawn. “We were damn lucky with the time differences but Paradise is catching up and Aura won’t take long to get here”

“I've got to sort the others out too” Deacon yawned again.

“No you don’t Maxwell and Sylver have done it they were in the lounge when I came downstairs earlier” Dawn smiled Deacon nodded and walked to one of the other metal beds flopping down he didn’t even bother to pull up the blanket to cover himself up or to take his boots off.

Dawn smiled as he tucked Gabriel in tighter the vampyre grumbled slightly his clawed hand tightened gripping Dawn's hoodie.

“Goodnight sweetie” Dawn smiled.


The End

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