Daemons ProblemsMature

Dawn appeared in his own room he tugged a pair of tracksuit bottoms on then sat quickly on the bed looking himself over. He wasn’t too badly hurt he tugged a loose hoodie on zipping it up as he walked down to the medical room.

Deacon prodded the raised flesh around the knife handle in Gabriel's back the vampyre growled.

“Sorry” Deacon apologized

“Cant you just pull it out?” Gabriel asked

“I don’t know if it’s damaged your wing or not” Deacon frowned.

“Can you move it?” Gabriel visibly jumped as Dawn spoke.

“Don’t sneak up on people” he snapped “and not really no” Dawn chuckled to himself.

“Alright” Dawn smiled he moved towards Gabriel and Deacon put a hand up to stop him.

“Sire can I recommend that you sit down and I’ll deal with this” Dawn smiled

“You’re worried?” Dawn asked.

“Sire” Deacon said Dawn growled and Gabriel frowned at him. “Dawn” Deacon corrected himself “I think you need to wait a little while”

“Why?” Gabriel asked.

“The daemon form does strange things” Dawn explained walking around the metal framed bed that the vampyre was sat on.
“Like?” Gabriel growled.

“Like, taking away inhibitions and making the liking for bloody carnage into an obsession” Dawn grinned. He pushed Gabriel's hair away from the vampyres pale face Gabriel frowned as it flopped back into his face.

“So what?” he said pushing it behind his ear. “You’re back to normal now” Gabriel hissed as Deacon touched his shoulder again.

“Deacon wait a moment” Dawn said “I know I look normal again but while the body changes quickly and may I add rather painfully, the mind takes a little longer.” Dawn said smiling “lay down sweetie”

“Don’t call me that” Gabriel grumbled but he did as he was told his exhaustion overpowering the pain he was in now he settled down on his left side. Dawn smiled and sat down his legs stretched out on the bed. Gabriel looked up at Dawn but the daemon looked away.

“Okay” Deacon said from behind him. “Are you ready?” Gabriel clenched his teeth and nodded quickly. Deacon's hand wrapped around the handle of the knife, Dawn reached down and took the vampyres right hand in his.

Dawn watched the knife slide out of Gabriel's back and heard his cry of pain and felt a pleasurable shudder pass through him followed quickly by guilt.

“Dawn?” Deacon said quietly he was holding a cloth tightly against Gabriel's wound trying to slow the bleeding.

“It’s alright” Dawn said. “And how about you?” he asked looking down at the vampyre next to him. “Gabriel?” the vampyre looked up at him.

“I’ll be fine” Gabriel growled. “Can I ask you something though?”

“Sure” Dawn smiled he shuffled down on the bed and slid his arm under Gabriel's neck lifting the vampyre slightly so his head rested on Dawn's chest.

“Dawn this is not dignified” Gabriel snapped tiredly.

“I know” Dawn smiled “now what did you want to ask?”

“Why you keep ignoring me” Gabriel said he had raised his right hand not entirely sure where to put it.

“Relax” Dawn smiled wrapping his fingers around Gabriel's hand. “I ignored you because I was happy to see you” Gabriel frowned.


“I need to sew this up” Deacon interrupted Gabriel nodded.

“Because what I wanted to do at the time was a little more than undignified” Dawn smiled.

“I don’t want to know then” Gabriel said

“Gabriel” Deacon said behind him “can you get your shirt off?” he asked threading a hot needle.

“No” Gabriel said harshly.

“If I lift you up a little you can” Dawn said.

“I said no” Gabriel growled.

“I've seen you without a shirt before” Deacon reminded him.

“I don’t care”

“Okay” Deacon smiled splitting the shirt slightly more, he looked at Dawn. “and I was worried about you being grouchy”

“This is nothing” Dawn smiled “is it sweetie” Dawn hissed slightly as Gabriel dug his claws into the daemons hand as Deacon began to sew.

“Shut up” Gabriel snapped.






The End

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