In Gabriel's room Gabriel stumbled as they reappeared. He looked at the huge daemon in front of him even sitting down the massive creature was ducking his head to avoid the ceiling.

“Dawn?” Gabriel frowned “what's wrong?”

“Gabriel” Dawn's voice said gently in his mind the voice didn’t match this strange creature whose skin rippled his shoulders hunched and his head down.

Gabriel moved forward beside Dawn he could see the pain in the creatures eyes he reached up and touched Dawn's face, the daemons body shivered and convulsed as he shrank back down Gabriel heard Dawn cries of pain in his mind he held onto Dawn unsure of what else to do.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly Gabriel opened his eyes unaware that he had closed them Dawn was stood his arms wrapped around Gabriel back to normal aside for one thing.

“Dawn” Gabriel looked away from him “you're naked”

“I know” Dawn laughed “why do you think I didn’t do it earlier? I couldn’t imagine walking through Paradise like this” Deacon burst through the door.

“Sire” he panted “I could hear you yelling, so could Malachi. Are you okay?” Dawn nodded

“Dawn” Gabriel said quietly Dawn looked down at the vampyre still in his arms.

“I suppose you want me to get dressed?” Dawn smiled Gabriel nodded and Dawn laid a hand on Gabriel's cheek. “I missed you” he whispered Gabriel growled.

“You can be slushy once you have some clothes on and I have the knife taken out of my shoulder.” Gabriel said he was now feeling like he'd been drinking heavily the room beginning to tilt.

“Is that a promise?” Dawn asked letting go of Gabriel Deacon smiled at Dawn and led Gabriel downstairs to the medical room.

The End

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