Daemon FormMature

“Stop” someone behind them shouted Gabriel looked around to see guards swarming out from between the houses.

“Shit” Gabriel muttered he raised Hyperion.

“Lower your weapons” one of the guards shouted.

“Not bloody likely” Sylver said drawing a short sword from his belt. Dawn moved to the other side of Gabriel and quickly the guards surrounded them. Gabriel swung Hyperion, she felt wonderful and he smiled as the guards nearby leapt away from him.

“For gods sake” Dawn growled Gabriel looked at him quickly and one end of Hyperion hit the floor as Gabriel stared at the daemon. His body stretched becoming long and thin his arms and legs extending his skin darkening to a shiny black. Huge demonic black wings appeared unfolding from Dawn's back the guard angels stood as stunned as most of Gabriel's little group.

“Go on” someone prodded Gabriel's shoulder Deacon grinned at him Malachi came up beside them flames writhing beneath his skin flaring around his hands.

“God I love daemons” Gabriel grinned he leapt forward Hyperion taking four angels down even as more ran out from the city most of them headed for Dawn swarming up over the enormous daemon. Gabriel thrust Hyperion into Deacon's hands and took a running jump pulling an angel from Dawn's lower leg Dawn swiped at a group of them near him razor fingertips taking five out at once. For each angel that went down around three more appeared.

“The alerts gone up” Deacon shouted using Hyperion to open an angel’s skull they backed towards the cliff. Gabriel tugged the end of the black tail that Dawn seemed to have acquired and the daemon looked down at him huge black eyes searching his face.

“Go” Dawn's voice echoed in his head.

“You’re coming too” Gabriel growled then he yelled in pain as a knife entered his back just above his wing joint. Dawn looked at the angel behind Gabriel then reached down ignoring the others that were on him.

He lifted Gabriel with a gentle hand then reached with the other hand the angel dropped the knife as Dawn's massive hand began to squeeze the angels scream cut short as his lungs were punctured by his splintered ribs.

“Dawn stop” Gabriel shouted the daemon looked at him again.

“Come on” Sylver shouted from the cliff edge. Dawn's huge hand lay the angel down almost gently then he used it to casually brush the other angels away. Then carrying Gabriel,  Dawn was at the cliff edge in two massive strides the angels around them didn’t dare move towards the enormous black daemon.       

They landed together in the midway trees surrounded them the house and the daemon town a little way away.

“Come on” Sylver smiled wiping a bloody cut above his eye with the back of his hand. “I think we all need a drink”

“Dawn?” Gabriel said he was sat on Dawn's left forearm his back braced by the massive daemons chest “can you put me down please?” the daemon nodded and gently lifted Gabriel off his arm his fingers wrapped around Gabriel's legs and waist and settled his down on the leafy ground. Gabriel began to follow the others then he turned back realizing Dawn wasn’t following him.

As he walked back the ground seemed to ripple and he stumbled his adrenaline levels were dropping and he realized how many small injuries he had. “Dawn?” he frowned “come on” the large daemon shook his head black blood was dripping steadily from multiple cuts in his black skin. “Dawn change back” Gabriel said uncertainly Dawn appeared to shrink slightly and he put his hand up and beckoned to the vampyre. Gabriel moved forward slowly he was starting to feel dizzy. “What?” he said e was feeling slightly nervous of this strange creature. Dawn reached towards him using the razor tip of one of his fingers to lift the front few strands of Gabriel's hair gently. The daemon smiled slightly showing razor sharp teeth then he touched Gabriel's arm carefully and they both vanished. 

The End

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