Dawns MagickMature

Gabriel led the way to the cell he'd been in the door was still open.

“What are you doing?” Sylver asked as Gabriel walked in.

“Sire” Allegra said putting a hand on Dawn's chest as he went to follow Gabriel into the cell. “Please don’t.” Dawn frowned at her and then they all heard a grinding sound of metal from inside the cell.

Deacon, Sylver and Maxwell crowded in the doorway and Dawn smiled at Allegra before moving slowly forward through everyone. He stopped suddenly inside the doorway the smell of old blood was overpowering Dawn watched as Gabriel lay Amelia down on the floor. He moved forward and Gabriel moved to Amelia's still shackled feet.

“Amelia” Dawn whispered as he dropped to his knees beside her. Gabriel wrenched the shackles from around her ankles then he stood moving back to the doorway. Sylver took his hand gripping it tightly and Gabriel turned looking back at the kneeling daemon who was stroking Amelia's hair gently whispering something to her. Gabriel frowned slightly as her body began to fade.

Dawn stood once she was gone and walked towards the others.

“Sorry Dawn” Sylver said looking up at the daemon. Dawn squeezed Sylver's shoulder smiling sadly then carried on out of the cell.


Gabriel and Sylver led the way silently down to the dummy cell. Gabriel helped Morgan down into the water. Then he watched the others drop down from above them, Dawn waded straight past without looking at him.

“Don’t worry” Deacon said quietly to him the daemon smiled and followed Dawn.


An hour later and they had reached the end of the pipe Dawn helped everyone up into the small room above them. Dawn didn’t look up as Gabriel walked up to him, Gabriel growled and Sylver took his hand as Dawn hoisted him up Dawn followed being pulled up by Maxwell and Sylver.


“Dawn” Gabriel said as they left the small building Dawn looked at him.

“not now” he said quietly he moved away from Gabriel. Morgan stuck her tongue out at the daemon pulling her heavy waterlogged skirt off leaving soaked underskirts and slid her hand into Gabriel's.

they all crept silently down the dark street staying in the shadows of the houses and shops.

“all of the guards should be sorting the mess at the palace out” Sylver informed everyone.

“unless the alarms gone off” Allegra said Sylver nodded.

“you're still glowing”

“I know I'm still growing things”

“like what?” Sylver frowned.

They were a few minutes from the edge of Paradise when an ominous creak sounded followed by a thunderous crash. Gabriel turned the silhouette of the palace was very different as the vines continued to destroy the brickwork.

He watched for a moment then turned and saw Dawn watching him he smiled slightly and Dawn turned away. Gabriel's smile dropped as he saw thin smoky black-blue tendrils of magick curling around Dawn.  

The End

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