Impressive ExitMature

Gabriel was forcing aura backwards his magick crashing into her shield and not giving her the chance to retaliate. She stumbled backwards up the steps of the platform.

Allegra was sat in Morgan's chair she put her hand in her pocket as she stood up, Gabriel forced his magick back and aura was pushed into her own seat. Gabriel pulled his magick back and having nothing to fight auras shield vanished. Allegra moved towards her and dropped something in auras lap her body glowing a light green as vines began to wrap around aura.

The vines grew wrapping around auras arms and legs securing her to the chair she yelled her fury tearing her arm away from the vines Gabriel reached down and wrapped his claws around her throat.

“Be a good dog and stay” he growled aura looked at him in disbelief.

“You’re insane” she hissed Gabriel frowned for a second then his face broke into a large grin.

“I agree” he said “but then again I'm nothing compared to what the city will think of you by the morning”

“What do you mean?” aura snarled as the now thick vines wrapped around her body.

“your reputation is in the gutter already lets see how long it takes for all of the city to realize that you are nothing” Gabriel gripped her chin releasing her throat so the vines could move wrapping around the woman’s neck.

“Goodbye mother” he said he kissed her cheek carefully then he moved is head closer to her ear. “If we meet again one of us will die” he whispered. He stood straight and turned away from her as he walked the vines moved away to let him through as they spread across the platform.

Allegra followed him walking delicately along the vines that were thicker than her leg now and beginning to burrow down into the marble floor into the rooms below.

Gabriel walked to everyone near the door Lewis broke from the group of guards and followed them into the hallway outside the hall they ran into Vincent and a few other angels in guard uniforms.

“I'm presuming you're Gabriel?” Vincent smiled Gabriel nodded shaking Vincent's hand “then I'm presuming this is yours?” he handed Hyperion to Gabriel who smiled genuinely it felt good to have her back in his hands.

“Thank you” he said he nodded and started walking down the corridor everyone else following.

“Come with us” Lewis said to Vincent but the angel shook his head.

“A lot of people need me up here” Lewis smiled and nodded

“Good luck” he said he shook Vincent’s hand and the thief and his friends slipped away out of sight.



The End

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