Inappropriate ConversationsMature

Morgan stood and ran quickly round to Deacon as he came out rather pale from behind the wall hanging. She walked slowly with him to Dawn who waited near the door with the others.  

Aura smiled clicking her fingers and Gabriel's smile dropped as the bands around his wrists and ankle vanished his magick tore through him unrestricted now.

“I take it you forgot I could do that though” she smirked Gabriel growled and forced his magick to behave he saw Dawn smile behind Aura.

“Not to much sweetie” Dawn's voice said in his mind. “I don’t really want to carry you home” Gabriel nodded once Dawn smiled knowing the vampyre had listened to him, Aura took the nod to confirm the start of a fight.  


Gabriel felt her magick crash into him, his own power folded around the silver-blue light and extinguished it quickly Aura frowned.

“how are you doing this?” she asked her voice confused Gabriel began to smile again as he moved forward raising one hand towards her, she threw up her own shield as the sparks got too near and Gabriel laughed.


Deacon and Morgan had reached Dawn.

“Are you okay sire?” Deacon asked Dawn looked at him dreamily.

“I'm alright” he said quickly Deacon smiled.

“Well you seem to be enjoying yourself that’s for sure.” Morgan frowned.

“What are you two talking about? How can anyone enjoy this?”

“Well” Deacon grinned “Dawn is feeling the complete opposite to pain right now”

“How do you know?” Deacon sniggered

“It’s my job to know” he said then turning to Dawn he made himself look serious again. “Sire can I recommend a cold shower?” Dawn laughed.

“You can but it won’t do much” he stated.

“Is this really the time for this conversation?” Sylver growled beside them.

“Sure” Dawn grinned “we’re all doing fine and as for Gabriel, what's a sexy vampyre without a little bit of sickening violence” he said turning back to the fight.    

The End

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