Deacon held Gabriel as the fresh blood coursed through the starving vampyre. Deacon examined the bands around Gabriel's wrists.

“Get her they’ll disappear” he said thoughtfully Gabriel straightened up.

“Okay” he said tonelessly the smile that suddenly spread across the vampyres face made Deacon shiver, what was left in his blood system ran cold.


Gabriel tore the cloth that concealed them aside and walked out into the hall. Dawn smiled at him but the vampyre didn’t look up at him as the toe of his boot met Auras stomach she fell to her knees choking.

“You know mother some people say its cowardly to hit a woman” Gabriel said kneeling beside her “I tend not to agree if said woman is capable of beating a man easily” Dawn let Aura go as sparks began to crackle around Gabriel.

“How are you doing this?” she snarled from the floor he smiled

“Magick transference” he grinned and standing up lifted one of his trousers legs, “I'm missing a band mother” she frowned and looked down seeing the blue-white glow she tore her skirts up so she could see her ankle one of her own bands was sat around her leg. “You see mother I wondered why my magick level had been rising all evening since I bought Allegra in here” Gabriel said “then I realized that one of the bands had gone meaning that I had some control over you” he grinned “that’s why you turned away from the fact the guards were passing messages to each other” Gabriel's voice was toneless and dull he watched as Aura stood up.

What will you do know?” she sneered the smug little smirk back on her face Gabriel ran his tongue over his teeth then nearby Dawn shivered as Gabriel grinned.

“What would you do?” Gabriel asked her quietly.

“I would let you go” she said loudly for the hall to hear. Dawn’s heart began to race as Gabriel's laugh filled the hall the vampyre moved closer to his mother.

“Liar” he smiled “you would torture anyone who stood in your way. Now I'm standing in your way and you can’t do anything about it”

“I can kill you” Aura said calmly.

“Go ahead” Gabriel smiled and Dawn realized then that something wasn’t quite right. 

The End

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