The Beginning of the EndMature

The crowds slowly began to disperse around three hours later around two hundred remained in the hall. Gabriel could feel his magick level rising slowly and couldn’t work out why.

He stood behind Morgan fiddling with his buttons and looking around the room. Aura stood again raising her hand once more and the music started again. a sudden bang made the hall jump Gabriel growled and squeezed Morgan's shoulder as the girl held her hand to her chest trying to slow her heart rate.

“What was that?” she asked him Gabriel didn’t answer as he shut his eyes he could smell sulphur.

The crowd had stopped and turned staring at Aura's throne Gabriel turned to see Dawn lounging casually in Aura's chair.  

Aura herself stood dumbstruck in the centre of the room.

“Lovely party” Dawn grinned standing up and walking towards the steps “a bit slow but it’s not bad.” He walked down towards Aura. “No idea why I wasn’t invited though seeing as the new heir is a good friend of mine, as is her father.”

Aura's face was a mix of fury and shock she raised her hands and nothing happened Dawn laughed.

“Guess what happens if I do that?” he grinned and raised his hands.

At once almost all of the guards moved each grabbing a guest and fastening shackles around their wrists. Aura's magick sparked feebly as she looked at her hands perplexed.

“Amazing isn’t it” Dawn grinned tugging Aura's hair as he walked around her “what magick transference can do”


“Gabriel” a voice hissed behind the vampyre he turned from the spectacle in front of him to see Deacon. The daemon dragged him into a small space behind one of the drapes on the wall then roughly jammed a bloody wrist into Gabriel's mouth.


The End

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