Something's HappeningMature

Gabriel shuffled his feet his left ankle itched furiously and he couldn’t move to do anything about it.

“My son?” Aura didn’t move to look at him he didn’t hear her over the noise of the crowd and the thoughts racing around his mind. His breath hissed through his teeth as the bands around his wrists and ankle flared depleting his limited blood supply by draining his magick he looked down at his mother. “My son” she said again looking up at him. “Morganna has not had the time to learn the dances for tonight so in a moment the music shall be stopped and you will escort her around and introduce her.”

“Escort her where?” Gabriel frowned and the bands flared again and Gabriel saw stars Aura sniggered.

“You will escort her around the room and introduce her”

“Yes mother” he said his vision clear once more. Aura raised her hand and slowly the musicians stopped and the crowds turned to the raised platform. Aura stood and walked down the shallow steps to the floor.

Gabriel discreetly prodded Morgan awake from a daydream. She stood and took his arm as he came out from behind her chair. He led her down to the floor and Aura pointed to the left of the room and Gabriel led Morgan away from his mother and around the edge of the room.

“A drink milady?” a man with a balanced tray asked Morgan. She almost opened her mouth before raising a hand to decline.

“Very good” Gabriel muttered as they carried on walking slowly, everyone stopped to bow or curtsey as they passed.


As they got near the door Gabriel spotted a familiar face he frowned.

“My lady” the guard bowed “hello Gabriel” he grinned.

“What are you doing here Lewis?” Gabriel hissed quietly.

“Guard duty” Lewis grinned Gabriel glared at him.

“Don’t get caught” Gabriel growled as he and Morgan walked past.

“I wont” he smiled Gabriel noticed the guard beside Lewis was smiling slightly. They continued around the rest of the hall and as they passed the rest of the guards most of them nodded and smiled carefully.

Gabriel gripped Morgan's arm tighter as they continued full circle back to the throne at the top of the hall. Aura was back in her throne deep in conversation with a middle aged female angel.

“Be careful” Gabriel growled quietly to Morgan.     

The End

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