Uncomfortable SituationsMature

“Come on then” Dawn growled he'd had all of his stitches removed and his arm was free and working almost normally again. Together all nine of them took off heading toParadise.


Gabriel stopped outside the huge ornately carved double doors. The last time he was here was the day he was exiled he took a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” Morgan whispered Gabriel nodded.

“Keep your eyes to the front we greet mother first.” He held himself straighter as the doors opened the music inside stopped and the crowds parted making an aisle that led to the throne where Aura sat.

“Introducing Morganna Black-Lightning” a voice nearby shouted. “Heir to the throne and her representative and lord of the vampyres Gabriel Black-Lightning” Gabriel stepped forward guiding Morgan down the centre of the room, ignoring the loud muttering that followed them.

Morgan tried to hurry but Gabriel held her arm tightly and made her slow down. They stopped at the foot of the raised platform Morgan curtseyed without fault as Gabriel merely inclined his head. A chair had been placed beside Aura's a much smaller wooden chair and the girl settled herself into it and Gabriel stepped around behind her standing slightly to one side his hands linked behind his back and his legs slightly apart. He couldn’t believe how quickly he had fallen back into old habits. Aura waved a hand and the music started up again the crowds moving to fill the aisle again.

Gabriel used his eyes to look around his old habits not allowing him to move his head. Guards lined the huge room well over two hundred of them there was no way Morgan Allegra and himself were getting out easily let alone alive.

He looked down just as the Kelpie was climbing out of his pocket and down the front of his uniform hidden by the back of Morgan's chair she looked up at him from the floor before vanishing beneath Aura's chair. He felt his heart beat speed up and Aura looked up at him.

“is something bothering you, my son?” she asked.

“No mother, thank you.” He replied.

“You seem uneasy”     

“I still keep my dislike for crowds mother” he said calmly, watching the dancing in front of him his eyes not meeting hers. Aura nodded once seeming satisfied with his answer and turned back to the room. 

Dawn and the others hurried through the sewers their progress unhampered this time they made it through in under an hour. They came up in the dummy cell and stopped as two guards turned to face them.  

The End

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