Lewis and Vincent snuck through the water pipes beneath the palace. An oil sack was slung over Vincent's back the oiled cloth keeping the contents dry.

They came out quickly into the dummy cell and swiftly stripped off their wet clothes opening the bag Vincent smiled slightly as he passed a set of clothes including boots to Lewis.


Gabriel was anticipating the knock on the door but it still made him jump. Rochelle opened the door and let Morgan in before shutting it again with a wink at Gabriel.

Morgan's eyes widened as she realized who she was looking at.

“Its you” she frowned “what are you doing here?”

“I'm your escort” Gabriel smiled. “You look wonderful”

“Oh shut up” she grumbled a small smile appearing in spite of herself. “you were supposed to leave”

“you were the one who put key under the door” she nodded “I couldn’t leave”

“Why not?”

“Because your mother would have killed me” Gabriel smiled. He hooked her arm through his own and led her to the door.

“I don’t want to do this” she said.

“Don’t worry. Something will go right soon” Gabriel smiled at her.

“Like what?” she said sadly.

“No idea, but something’s happening” he looked down at her. “head up” he said she looked at him and smiled. “No giggling and only smile when necessary”

“When’s necessary?”  

“If you like someone” he said, he didn’t get the chance to inform her that Allegra was safely tucked away in his breast pocket before the door was pushed open and Rochelle led them down to the throne room.


The End

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