The midway was silent even the animals were quiet as Dawn and the others stepped warily into the daemon city. Dawn looked around as they walked towards the main house. The door swung open and they saw the mess inside the lounge was a tip the chairs overturned and the table in pieces scattered around the room.

“Okay” Dawn sighed “lets get this lot cleaned up as best as we can, I'm going down to check the medical room.”

“What for?” Maxwell asked lifting a chair back into its original place.

“Well I need painkillers I have a pounding headache” Dawn said. “And as much as he argues with me Gabriel is going to need cleaning up when he gets back”

“Sire?” Deacon said Dawn raised his eyebrows. “Dawn, did you want me to sort you out?”

“I suppose so” Deacon followed Dawn down to the basement door and Dawn fumbled in his pockets for a moment before remembering that aura had his keys. “Shit” he hissed he aimed a kick at the door and the wooden frame split easily the door swinging back on its hinges.

“I'm surprised the elves didn’t get down here” Deacon said following Dawn into the room.

“Scavenger elves Deacon” Dawn corrected “they're different from normal elves in the fact that they're completely blind. That’s why they cause so much damage they have to feel things to work out what they are”

“So what do they scavenge for?”

“food,  shelter” Dawn shrugged “they’ve evolved a little since I last saw one so I'm not sure if they strive for the same thing anymore.” Dawn sat down on the edge of the metal framed bed.

“I take it you're going soon sire” Deacon said sadly helping Dawn unwrap his sling from behind his neck.

“I want to go and get him” the daemon said, unwrapping his arm. “I want him safe”

“I know sire, but what if you get killed?” Dawn shrugged.

“Then I’d have done my best.” he replied

“Sire” Deacon ignored Dawn's glare. “What if you cant get him out?” Dawn looked at Deacon stopping what he was doing.

“I will tear that palace apart to get him out” Deacon nodded.

“Then I'm coming with you” the smaller daemon said Dawn smiled slightly.

“So are we” a voice said from the doorway Dawn looked up and Deacon turned to see Sylver and his three brothers along with Malachi, Raoul and Chrys.

“It’ll be dangerous” Dawn said Sylver just nodded a small smile on his face.


The End

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