Telling OffMature

Gabriel waited for the chimes on the clock to ring the minute hand ticked to the twelve and six bells sounded inside it. Gabriel sighed and stood up walking to the door pulling it open. Outside, stationed on each side of his door, stood Rochelle and the other guard who had pulled him out of his cell.

“What is it?” the other guard snapped.

“A little respect Terrence” Rochelle said harshly.

“Sorry sir” Terrence said quietly.

“Is something wrong Captain?”

“The party is starting” Gabriel said

“Yes and her Majesty is down there waiting for all of the guests to arrive before you and Morganna go down.”

“Okay” Gabriel nodded his thanks and shut the door again. He walked to the window and looked at the view of the city and its surrounding towns and villages. He sighed and sat down on the window seat.

“Gabriel” Allegra's voice made him jump.

“Hello” he said smiling after the initial shock “how did you get in here?” he stood up lifting Allegra from the curtain rail and sitting back down he placed her on his knee.

“Rosie bought me in” Allegra smiled “in her tool bag”

“Really?” Gabriel frowned “how do you know Rosie?”

“She’s Lewis’ friend.”   

“How do you know Lewis?”

“Sylver took us there when we all got out”

“You got out and came back” Gabriel said shaking his head slightly

“I had too” Allegra frowned.

“I suppose so” Gabriel said “we have to get Morgan out”

“And you” Allegra said looking at him.

“I'm not too fussed about me” Gabriel shrugged.

“What are you talking about?” Allegra sounded angry now.

“I don’t really care anymore” Gabriel said honestly “I want my family safe after that I don’t really mind what happens.”

“Do you think for a moment your family will be safe without you?”

“Of course they will” Gabriel snapped. “I'm the one who put them all here in the first place”

“So?” Allegra shouted inside his head and he groaned

“Can you not do that?” he said

“I’ll stop if you stop being stupid” Allegra shouted “your family love you and they won’t be safe without you and what about dawn?”

“What about him?” Gabriel grumbled.

“Do you think for a moment that he's just going to leave you here?”

“No idea” Gabriel said.

“If I were bigger I would slap you Gabriel Black-Lightning” he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because you’re being a moron, a self pitying idiot”

“I'm not self pitying” Gabriel snapped “I just don’t see the point anymore” Allegra made a noise of frustration.

“The point Gabriel is that you have two kids who need you. You have more than one daemon who loves you and your brothers what about them?” Gabriel sighed. “Well screw you, I am going to try and get my daughter out and if anything happens then I would like to know that she and Chrys have one parent who gives a toss about them”

“Alright” Gabriel gave in “I’ll make an effort to get us all out” Allegra smiled

“That’s what I wanted to hear” she said “and there's no need”

“What do you mean?”

“Wait and see” Allegra said.

“And people wonder why I don’t do females” Gabriel grumbled to himself.

“I heard that” Allegra shouted Gabriel groaned again.

“I don’t care, I'm really confused now” Gabriel growled.


The End

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