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Gabriel paced his old room he couldn’t settle down as the evening approached. He needed something to happen something big enough for him to at least get Morgan out of the palace. He growled as the magick around his wrists and ankles flared slightly.


“Sydney?” Dawn gripped the massive daemons hand “what are you doing here?”

“Well sire” Sydney boomed Deacon shut and chained the door again and got Chrys, Daryll and Tairas from the next room. “Amarantine asked me to give you this when I saw you” Sydney handed a sealed envelope to Dawn who tore it open ad read the letter once before reading it out loud to the others.



It read.


I am alarmed to hear that you and your companions did not reach Holehallow or the Underworld. I have instructed Sydney Macaid and a few of his acquaintances to journey to the midway to locate you. Please inform me as soon as you receive this communication.

Your dear friend



Dawn folded the note.

“What a moron” the grumpy daemon said sitting down on the bed and lighting a cigarette “he could have just said, I am worried I have sent daemons to find you” he looked at Sydney. “Then what happened?” he asked.

“We went sire. We ended up clearing scavenger elves out of the city and the main house”

“That’s what they were” Dawn said “they’ve changed a little since I last saw one” Sydney nodded.

“Then when you weren’t there we decided to look around here. We went into a pub up the road and some drunken humans were raving about seeing flying people”

“Then that’s our cue to leave.” Dawn sighed.

“What about us sire?” Sydney asked.

“How many of you are there?” Dawn asked pulling his sling up over his head to free his arm. Sydney counted slowly on his fingers.

“Twenty four, sire” he said looking up as Dawn pulled his shirt off. “What the hell happened to you?” Dawn's cuts and bruises were healing quickly but were still severe enough to cause a bit of worry.

“Don’t worry” Dawn said. “I want you lot back in the Underworld” he said sharply.

“We can’t, sire” Sydney said quietly Dawn looked at him. “the portals been shut down and Amarantine's gone somewhere. Something about aura.” Dawn growled as her name was mentioned.

“Okay, go to this Holehallow place.”

“Yes sire” Sydney inclined his head.

“Do you know the way?” Dawn asked Sydney nodded and pulled out a few crumpled pieces of paper from his back pocket. Dawn looked at them as Sydney shuffled through them. “I’ll have this one” Dawn said pulling a diagram of the Corvere tunnels out of the pile.

“Yes sire” Sydney nodded “you'll want this one too” he passed Dawn a folded piece of paper

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“To Holehallow” Sydney smiled. “And this one Amarantine had blueprints of the tunnels beneath paradise I took them when he wasn’t looking”Sydneyfolded the pieces of paper and stuck them back in pocket. “Everyone knows sire, that Gabriel's up there.” Dawn frowned and Sydney put a huge hand on Dawn's shoulder and steered him away from the others.

“Sire” he said quietly enough so the others couldn’t hear him. “I'm not completely sure but I think someone’s leaking information”  

“How do you know?”

“Because of all of this sire. Someone” he pointed a finger at the ceiling “knows more than she possibly could”

“I agree” Dawn said thinking back “she knew where we were before we did”

“Oh and sire” Sydney added. "Don’t blame the wolves for turning you in.”

“Why not?”

“We found Raziel” Sydney said.

“Where is he?”  Dawn asked curiously.

“Well let me put it as nicely as I can, um I buried Gabriel's new rug” Sydney said sadly. Dawn didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Thank you Sydney” he muttered.

“Its okay sire the same treatment will go to any traitor I find.” Dawn nodded.

“Go” he said. “Get to Holehallow we’ll meet you there” Dawn held out a hand to the massive daemon but Sydney pulled the daemon into what he though was a gentle hug. Dawn grunted in pain as the others sniggered slightly.

“Easy big guy” Deacon smiled touching Sydney's arm. The huge daemon released his lord and master.

“Thanks” Dawn coughed.

“Goodbye” Sydney left via the door.

“Cant he fly down?” Sylver asked pulling on his clean t-shirt Dawn shook his head.

“They haven't invented the wings that can carry him yet” Dawn laughed.


The End

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