All of the seamstresses and tailors in the city had been called to the palace by the morning of the party Lewis, Vincent and Allegra watched Rosie pack her tools,dressed in her best clothes.

Lewis and Vincent had wished her and Allegra luck as the kelpie shrunk herself down climbing into Rosie's tool bag nestled comfortably among small cuts of fabric.

The angels had ensured that all the needles and pins had been wrapped safely in oil cloth so Allegra wouldn’t be hurt. Then the two angels made ready the next part of their plan.


Dawn rolled over in his sleep the new clothes for everyone had put them all in a slightly better mood and after a lot of tossing and turning Dawn had finally fallen asleep.


A knock on the door a few hours later woke everyone in the room. Deacon jumped out of bed with Dawn following quickly. Deacon pulled the door open and looked out of the small gap the security chain would allow.

“What?” he growled at the staff member outside the door.

“Sir a gentleman wishes to speak with you”

“Who is it?” Deacon frowned.

“He didn’t leave a name but he was very insistent” Deacon noticed now that the little man was shaking and slightly pale.  

“What did he look like?” the little man swallowed and held a hand up as far as he could palm down. “Big?” Deacon asked.

“Enormous sir” the man whispered.

“Let him up” Deacon said he handed the man a twenty pound note “go and get yourself a drink you look like you need one”

“Thank you sir” the scared little man nodded and hurried off down the corridor and Deacon shut the door.

“I can only think of a few daemons who can cause so much panic by being big” Deacon said “and even fewer who would be persistent enough to find us” Dawn nodded.

“And if we don’t know them they're going to be thrown out of the window for waking me up” Dawn growled.

“And us” Sylver yawned Maxwell was sitting up in the normal double bed rubbing his eyes.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“In my mind it as a blessing” Deacon said ignoring Maxwell “do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is sleeping next to a fire daemon and having you on the other side.” He looked at Dawn.

“Not a clue” Dawn said smiling slightly.

“I've got heat rash and frostbite in the same night.” Deacon grumbled.

“Am I really that cold?” Dawn asked.

“Your bloody hands and feet are. I was trying to get away from him” Deacon pointed at Malachi who was asleep again. “And kept bumping into your cold extremities” Sylver and Maxwell were both laughing now. They stopped as soon as there was a knock at the door.

Deacon held the handle as the others all crowded behind him. He cracked the door open and peered out then slammed the door shut again tearing the chain across and flung the door open a massive grin on his face. Standing in the corridor was the massive form of Sydney.

The End

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