Friends in Strange PlacesMature

Gabriel looked at his own reflection in the full length mirror his demonic wings had been strapped down, like all the other guards had their own feathered wings hidden. He was dressed in his old black guard’s uniform.

Gold seams glowed in the candlelight and gold buttons shone down the front of the jacket that covered his wings, a seamstress was pulling the waistband of his trousers in and pinning it before beginning to sew.

The vampyre hadn’t realized how much weight he'd lost until now. The seamstress finished the waistband and began pinning his jacket then she slid it down his arms going to work in a chair nearby.

Gabriel looked at this reflection again then he looked at her he had a strange sense that none of this was real.

“Anything wrong my lord” the seamstress asked

“No” Gabriel said quietly he was wondering what the catch was to all of this. he twisted slightly to see his strapped down wings and hissed slightly as one of the now stitched cuts on his side pulled painfully.

“Careful my lord,” the woman smiled “you need all the blood you have for tonight” Gabriel frowned at her suspiciously.

“How would you know?” he growled she smiled and stood holding the jacket up for him he walked to her and by habit alone allowed her to tug it up his arms and ensure the shoulders were straight.

“All of the poor class know about you sire” she said running over his clothes with a large clothes brush.

“How?” Gabriel asked he sat down and began to tug the thick leather boots on that had been confiscated when he first arrived.

“Lewis” she said bending down to help as she saw him struggling.

“You know Lewis?” Gabriel asked

“Indeed” the woman pulled a comb from her workbag and moved around behind him combing his now shoulder length hair back from his face. She then took a tiny black box from the sideboard and began replacing the rings in Gabriel ear. “There” she smiled “all done”   

Gabriel didn’t know why this woman hadn’t affected him as her fat little fingers had helped him even cleaning and sewing his injuries the fact that she’d helped him dress.

“Thank you” he said not knowing what else to say she looked a little shocked for a moment then she smiled again.

“You're welcome my lord” she said heading for the door.

“By the way” Gabriel called. “What's your name?” She turned to him.

“Rosie my lord”  


The End

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