Finery and ThieveryMature

Morgan stared at her reflection long red flowing skirts hung to the floor hiding the fact that she was barefoot after she had hidden the uncomfortable new red slippers she had been told to wear.

The whale corseting around her waist made breathing harder than she ever thought possible the solid bars in the corset digging into her hips. Her long blonde curls were piled up onto her head decorated with opals and rubies.

Her hair now showed off her newly pierced ears tiny ruby drops hung from her lobes and she almost found it amusing how they swung when she turned her head.

She made sure the seamstresses had left and weren’t waiting outside the door then bending as well as she could in the dress she pulled out a thigh sheath that she had stolen from the guards training room, from beneath her enormous satin lined bed.

She stood straight lifting her skirts and strapped it on doing the buckle up tightly. She slid one of the decorative daggers, that hung over the fireplace into the sheath and set about sorting the skirts out again so they sat straight she nodded at the mirror.

She hoped Gabriel was well away by now and that the key she had kicked under the door had worked.

Aura had seen quickly enough that if she left the girl for an hour a day with a guard following closely if she left her rooms then she was much more agreeable and a better student.

At the first opportunity Morgan had picked auras pockets getting the old brass key to Gabriel's shackles.

The End

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