Something's Not RightMature

Gabriel was in his old room an I.V drip in his hand was pumping around a pint of blood into his system just enough that he could walk and move around slowly.

Two female angels bustled around him cleaning him up and washing day’s worth of mud, dirt, sweat and blood from his now shoulder length hair. The door opened slowly and Aura entered she smiled at him.

“Hello my son” she said happily.

“What’s going on?” he growled at her.

“We are having a little party in honour of your daughter. I hope to pair her off tonight”

“So, why all of this?” Gabriel snarled waving one chained hand at the room Aura smiled.

“Well tradition dictates that a father must approve of his daughters choice” Aura said walking towards him and her face changed to disgust. “Those will be changed.” She pointed to the plain rings in Gabriel's ear. “a general must be marked correctly.” Gabriel reached up to his ear and his mother slapped his hand away. “I will do it” she said firmly.

“No” Gabriel snapped back “I will” Aura smiled.

“You cannot do it with those” Gabriel's claws struggled with the tiny pieces of metal he dropped his hands back into his lap. “By the way, your magick will be bound tonight not that you are in any condition to use it and a guard will be with you at all times.” Gabriel watched as each tiny silver ring disappeared into her pocket wanting to say something but knowing if he did she would delight in keeping them if she knew what they meant to him.

“Okay” he said dully.

“You will not speak aside from to greet someone” she said removing the last ring and standing up. “Morganna will remember her manners but you will ensure she is polite and respectful throughout the evening.” Gabriel nodded slowly. “Won’t it be wonderful? It’s a shame your brothers couldn’t make it though” she looked down at him and casually waved a hand thin bands of silver-blue magick wrapped around Gabriel's wrists he felt it wrap around his ankles too. “That should be sufficient” Aura said smiling

“For what?” Gabriel growled Aura laid her hand on his cheek.

“My son if anything goes wrong tonight you will be held responsible.” She stood straight “I wonder how long it takes your kind to starve” she said it vaguely as if wondering then walked toward the door.

“Longer than madness” Gabriel said to himself looking down at the bands around his wrists.

“Are you sure?” he heard Aura ask, he looked up but she had gone.



The End

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