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One of the guards bent down to Gabriel.

“Hello Captain” he smiled Gabriel frowned at the young looking angel.

“Rochelle?” Gabriel said the guard nodded once then he and the other guard pulled Gabriel up by the arms the vampyre gritted his teeth as his dislocated shoulder was tugged.

“We’ll have to sort that out” Rochelle said. “And you'll have to put these back on” he left Gabriel with the other guard while he picked up the wrist shackles. Gabriel growled at him and the angel smiled. “Don’t worry they’ll come off soon enough” he put the shackles over his shoulder then gripped Gabriel's arm. “Hold tight” he said.


Lewis was an impatient waiter he kept looking out of the window into the dark street looking for Vincent.

“Will you sit down?” Rosie grumbled as she tucked a blanket around Allegra who was curled up asleep on the armchair.

“Sorry” Lewis said sitting back down. “It’s just that we’re cutting it a little close”

“It’ll be fine get some sleep” Rosie sighed Lewis wrinkled his nose.

“Any of your special tea going?” he asked. “The stuff that makes you sleep.”

“You mean my valerian tea?” Lewis nodded and Rosie stood with a sigh. “I’ll see what I can find”


Vincent slipped out of the quiet tavern his hood pulled up and a heavy sack strung over his back his light grey wings concealing it. He strode down the street nodding to two guards on patrol.

“Evening boys” he grinned.

“Evening Vinnie” one replied. “What are you doing out?”

“Quick half before bed, is all” Vincent smiled the guard was close enough to smell alcohol on the angel and nodded.

“Get home quickly the curfews still in effect”

“Yes sir” Vincent touched the tip of his hood and grinning carried on down the street quickly.

“I hope you didn’t cause trouble” Rosie chastised her voice low Lewis and Allegra were both asleep.

“Not at all dear lady” he smiled unfolding his wings and taking the sack off his back Rosie's face lit up as he opened it and showed her what was inside.






The End

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