Aura's PlanMature

Gabriel jumped as the cell door opened two guards stepped in.

“What do you want?” the vampyre growled.


Vincent joined Lewis in the kitchen at Rosie's.

“So what's the plan?” Vincent asked.

“Haven’t got one yet” Lewis sighed he was hanging out of the open kitchen window a cigarette in hand.

“Well I think the party is the best bet” Vincent smiled Lewis looked into the kitchen at him.

“What party?” he frowned

“The ball, tomorrow night” Vincent was looking at Lewis like he'd just crawled out from under a stone Lewis shook his head. “Bloody hell Lewis do you live in a cave?”

“I think I might” Lewis replied flicking his cigarette away he pulled the window shut and jumped down from the side Vincent sighed.

“Aura is throwing a party, a big hoohah with all the posh gits in the city” he paused and Lewis nodded “it’s for her new heir to find a husband”

“I don’t see why she would need one”

“Tradition” Vincent said. “And due to the fact I had something planned for it anyway we can include the rescue and everything with it” he nodded to make sure Lewis understood. “there's extra guards in the city guarding the empty houses and all the other guards are being commissioned for the party her highness Morganna is to have a special guard with her at all times”

“Any idea who?” Lewis asked.

“Rochelle I think” Vincent sneered

“Ahh yes our little captain of the guard”

“Not yet he's not. His fathers still alive, barely, but alive all the same” Lewis shrugged.

“I still think Dawn was the best we had, I was still young but I heard the stories”

“You were never young Lewis you were born middle aged” Vincent ducked as Lewis aimed a slap at the side of his head. “Come on old man” Vincent jumped knocking both angels to the floor.

Rosie opened her kitchen door to find Lewis and Vincent in the middle of a scrap on the kitchen floor.

“I've seen better fights over handbags” she said bending down she gripped both angels by the tops one of their ears and marched them into the lounge. “You over there” she said letting go of Lewis and pointing to a chair in the corner next to Allegra. “and you there” she said pointing Vincent towards the door.

“I have to go anyway” Vincent said “important business you know”

“In other words you're going nicking” Rosie stated Vincent held a hand on his chest looking offended.

“Me?” he grinned “never, I just borrow without intending to return” he waved and ducked out of the front door.    




The End

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