Dawn and the others waited for Deacon outside the massive hotel the thin daemon had been the most visually acceptable of the lot of them. Dawn looked up as a pair of balcony doors swung open and Deacon looked over waving his arms. Dawn looked around and spread his wings the others did the same.


In the hotel room Deacon smiled he showed Dawn the adjoining room that connected through the bathroom. Both rooms had a kingsize bed and one had a smaller double bed set up in the corner.

“That’s all they could spare” Deacon said

“What did you tell them? I thought we were going to have a fight as to who slept on the floor”

I just said I was staying for three nights and I don’t like sleeping in the same bed twice”

“They probably thought you were insane” nearby Sylver suddenly giggled the vampyre clapped his hand over his mouth as they all looked at him.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“They wouldn’t have been wrong” Deacon said looking at Sylver strangely he turned back to Dawn. ”And because of my amazing ability to lie through my teeth I get the shower first” Deacon said walking into the bathroom Dawn laughed.

“Come on your highness” Maxwell said looking at Dawn “lets get you sorted”

“I’ll be fine” Dawn growled he wasn’t sure he liked the nice Maxwell any better than the old one.

“Lewis said you'd need another dressing change.” Maxwell stated Dawn growled irritably.

“Fine” he grumbled wincing as Maxwell began to untie the bandage that held his arm up.


Deacon wrapped the towel around his waist and swore as he realized the only clothes he had were filthy he tried rinsing them under the hot tap in the sink.

“Hurry up Deacon” Dawn growled “I want to get away from Mother Teresa out here”

“Sorry” Deacon shouted back he hung his wet clothes on the radiator and turned the heat right up then he took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door.

Deacon grinned and flushed slightly amid the wolf whistles from the others.

“Size, Deacon?” Maxwell called to him he had a piece of paper and a pen in hand.

“What?” Deacon asked flushing an even deeper pink.

“Your clothes” Maxwell smiled.

“Oh” Deacon grumbled. “Sorry” he went back into the bathroom to check his damp clothes.


Maxwell tucked the piece of paper into his back pocket and left via the balcony.


The End

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