Allegra blushed slightly as a tall well built angel kissed her hand his floppy black brushing her wrist.

“Allegra” Lewis said “this is Vincent” Vincent's green eyes seemed to smile at her even though his mouth didn’t move.

“Vinnie actually” the angel corrected his voice made Allegra want to listen nothing else and she nodded. He grinned at her and moved across the room sitting down in a chair crossing his legs lazily.

“I am watching you” Rosie said sharply to him. “And I will be checking your pockets before you leave.”

“My darling Rosie I have never stolen anything from you and anyone who tries will lose a finger” he said it casually as if it meant nothing to him.

“All the same” Rosie frowned she pushed a cup of tea into the angels hands and bustled back off to the kitchen.

“The others aren’t here” Lewis said risking a look out of the curtained window.

“They do what they want” Vincent said shrugging “besides I told them not to” he smiled.

“What?” Lewis frowned.

“The city is still on lockdown” Vinnie drawled “I don’t think even a tea party is allowed” he said smiling at Rosie as she came out with another cup for Allegra and one for Lewis.



Gabriel growled as he dropped the thin key for the third time his claws fumbling in the dark to retrieve it.

He tried again and the key slid into the lock this time easily undoing the lock. The chains around his wrists dropped loudly to the floor as he leant forward to free his ankles.

Wondering as he worked if the key would unlock the door he doubted it but as the chains around his ankles dropped he shuffled forward to the door and tried.


The End

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