Dawn, Deacon and Malachi sat outside a small café waiting for the others to return. Dawn's injuries were getting him noticed by a lot of people. Three steaming mugs of coffee sat on the small metal table.

“So what now?” Deacon asked his hands wrapped around his cup.

“To be honest Deacon” Dawn said ripping the wrapper off a new packet of cigarettes. “I haven't got a clue” Dawn shook his head.

“Maybe we can find a hotel or something down here for the night?” Deacon suggested.

“I want Gabriel” Dawn said quietly “I cant think straight without him telling me off”

“I know what you mean” Deacon said. “As quiet as he is the group feels really small without him.” Dawn nodded.

“I hope he's okay” Dawn said. “I shouldn’t have left him”

“You had no choice” Malachi spoke up. The small daemon hiccupped suddenly and his whole body was engulfed in flame for a split second. “Excuse me” Dawn stifled a laugh.

“Malachi” he snapped trying to sound annoyed.

“Sorry sire” the small daemon said before doing it again “I don’t think I like coffee” he grumbled standing up and quickly disappearing down the side of the café into a dark alleyway.

Well now we know what happens when a fire daemon gets hiccups” Deacon said a small smile on his face.

“We’re just damn lucky no one saw”

“I know but its something I didn’t know.” Deacon grinned.

“Nor me” Dawn smiled then his tired mind flicked back to Gabriel.

“Sire” Deacon paused “Dawn don’t think about it he's tough he’ll be fine”

“I know but I'm more worried about his mind than anything else”  

“Can I ask?” Deacon said Dawn nodded once “is it possible that you feel the way you do because he's…” Deacon stopped looking for the right word.

“Inaccessible” Dawn finished for the daemon Deacon nodded “I thought about that a long time ago but I don’t think so”

“How do you know?” Dawn smiled

“I've tried everything from being nice to him staying away from him even being a bastard to him” Dawn shrugged “my feelings stayed the same”

“and the ice princess started to thaw a little before all of this” Sylver said from behind Dawn who almost choked on a mouthful of coffee”

“Does he know you call him that?” Dawn asked after he finished coughing painfully drawing alarmed glances from the humans nearby.

“He does” Sylver grinned the vampyres cheeks were flushed and his eyes were bright.

“Rather apt don’t you think” Deacon said seriously before the grin spread across his face. “Good hunting?” he asked Sylver.

“Not too bad its still chilly though so not many people are around at least the damn snows gone now though” Dawn's breath caught slightly as he remembered his and Gabriel's little incident on the ice.

“What’s wrong?” Sylver asked

“He was happy then” Dawn said “or as happy as he ever got”

“He will be again Dawn.” Sylver growled. “But you really have to stop moping and we have to find a place to stay for the night” Deacon and Dawn both nodded. “Where’s Malachi?” Sylver asked.

“He got the hiccups” Deacon said sniggering slightly.

“And?” Sylver frowned.

“He sort of bursts into flames every time” Deacon was almost giggling Sylver clipped him around the head.

“Don’t be cruel” the vampyre growled.

“You haven't seen it” Deacon said still smiling “it’s the look of shock on his face when it happens” Maxwell and Daryll came up to the table Maxwell was half carrying the smaller vampyre as he yawned.

“Daryll?” Sylver stood up. “What’s wrong?”

“m’sleepy” Daryll yawned again.

“We all are” Dawn said finding the small vampyres yawn contagious. “How much cash do we have between us?”

“None” Deacon said “Aura took everything”

“Good thing I caught a rich kid then” Sylver shrugged tossing a roll of fifties onto the table “but I'm still convinced that the cigarette he was smoking wasn’t normal” Dawn laughed.

“Sylver caught a druggie” he said grinning “I think we have enough to buy a hotel let alone stay in one for a night.”  


The End

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