A Surprising Habit for an AngelMature

Allegra told her whole tale to Rosie she didn’t know all of Gabriel's side but she told her own around halfway through Lewis returned and quietly sat down next Allegra. The kelpie looked at him quickly then carried on.

Rosie, like Lewis, didn’t interrupt at all she just sat and listened patiently. When Allegra finished she stood up and went into the kitchen. Lewis squeezed Allegra's hand gently she looked up at him and smiled sadly.

“Thank you” she said

“What for?”

“For helping us” Lewis shrugged

“I've always helped Gabriel and helping you means I'm helping him”

“How did you help him before?” Lewis shrugged

“This and that” he said evasively “you'll have to ask him”

Rosie came back into the room a steaming cup in her hands which she pushed into Allegra's small hands.

“And where's mine?” Lewis grinned

“Make your own” Rosie grumbled “this girl has had it rough” Lewis smiled but didn’t move.

“I’ll be alright” Allegra smiled “once my family is safe”

“And Gabriel?”

“Gabriel is my family too” Allegra stated “as are dawn and the others” Rosie nodded

“Okay” she said “so we need to get into the palace” she went to the corner of the room near the front door and Allegra saw her tug a thin piece of wire that ran between two of the bare floorboards. “I take it this means that my house is going to be full of rowdy thieves and hoodlums again”

“Vinnie's not that bad” Lewis grinned.

“Vincent is fine” Rosie said “but his little band of thugs irritate me” Allegra looked confused.

“Lewis explain to the young lady please I have to put the kettle on” she bustled out into the kitchen.

“Vincent is our resident thief king” Lewis said as Allegra sipped very sweet tea. “he keeps the others that are slightly below the law in check”

“I wouldn’t have thought there were thieves up here” Allegra said frowning Lewis laughed.

“did you think we were all angels” he grinned.     






The End

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