Lewis ran through the streets of paradise his feet pounding in time with his heart. Allegra was nestled comfortably in his cupped hands her magick low from changing so many times in one day. She squeaked as he rounded a corner sharply and skidded to a halt in a doorway.

The angel hit the door once with his fist putting Allegra up onto his shoulder again with the other hand. She frowned as a few seconds later someone on the other side of the door did the same Lewis kicked the door gently and it swung open.

“Lewis” a large female angel with a big smile ushered him inside.

“Rosie” Lewis panted Allegra fluttered up and slowly returned to her full size she was breathing as hard as Lewis, Rosie’s eyebrows rose slightly.

“Allegra can explain I don’t know the full story” he lit a cigarette and Rosie's hands flew to her large hips.

“Lewis Newmark if you are going to smoke that thing in my house then go in the kitchen and do it and open the window”

“Sorry” Lewis did as he was told leaving Allegra with Rosie.

“Sit down honey” Rosie smiled “I don’t bite”


Dawn and the others met no living creature as they passed through the crater to Earth.

“So how do we get to the underworld?” Sylver asked.

“With great difficulty” Dawn growled as they approached Amarantine’s the windows and doors were boarded up and had been for a while.

“Isn’t there any other way?” Sylver asked trying to look through the gaps between the boards Dawn shook his head.

“Not in this country” he said “and I don’t know about you but boats and planes don’t agree with me.”

“Cant we fly?” Deacon asked Dawn almost laughed.

“Not bloody likely, it’s too far”

“So what do we do?” Raoul asked.

“No bloody idea at all” Dawn growled “I want to know where Amarantine is”

“Come on” Sylver said “we need to feed then we’ll work out everything else” the vampyre was getting nervous about how long they had been away. 


Gabriel heard someone walk past the cell his mind only just registered the sound he lifted his head slightly and wished immediately that he hadn’t. His veins burned and the smell of old blood was suffocating now his nose wasn’t buried in the crook of his elbow. He jumped as something scraped under the door.

“Allegra?” his voice was barely a whisper his throat dry and sore but no one opened the door he pushed himself forward barely able to lift the heavy chains on is wrists now. He lay down trying to see anything under the door his ear touched something cold and sitting up slowly he felt the floor with his palms and carefully lifted something thin and metal from the stones


The End

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