To Many Things Happening at OnceMature

Lewis snuck out into the night he crept quietly down the dark street.

“Lewis” a female voice echoed in his mind he froze.

“Hello?” he whispered

“Hi” Allegra landed on his shoulder he looked down as well as he could to see the tiny creature. “It’s me, Allegra” she said quickly she felt the angel relax instantly

“Why aren’t you with the others?”

“There’s been a change of plan”


Dawn looked out between the trees one of the suns still blazed high in the sky, and Dawn was slightly irritated that it hadn’t got dark at any point. Sylver had informed Dawn that they had to move his brothers and Chrys and Raoul had to find a blood supply soon. The daemon had nodded and staying in the trees as much as possible they had managed to get to the crater that led to earth.

“I’ll go first” Dawn said Sylver snorted.

“You will not” he growled “we’ll all go together at least then if we get caught we’ll put up a half decent fight. You alone couldn’t fight your way out of a  wet paper bag” Raoul sniggered and Dawn glared at him.

“Okay” he agreed “lets go”


Gabriel waited patiently watching the single candle in the room sink lower and lower and as it began to dance and gutter slightly his breathing began to speed up. The familiar burn in the pit of stomach had started around an hour before.

He pulled himself away from Amelia into a corner by the door tucking is knees up beneath his chin his arms wrapped around them. He watched the candle as the wick fell into the melted wax plunging the room into darkness. 

The End

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