Morrigans not Annoyed at me Any more :-DMature

Allegra squeezed her tiny body under the door of the cell she looked up and stopped as she saw Amelia's body. On the floor beside her was Gabriel he had one hand resting on the daemons booted foot as if to feel if she moved. Allegra shut her eyes her body stretching and growing and full sized she bent down and surprised herself as she could move him easily.

“Gabriel?” she looked at the vampyres thin face as the pale blue eyes opened.

“Amelia?” he said then his eyes flicked to her face. “Allegra” his voice was dull and unemotional.

“Hi” Allegra rolled the vampyre over the chains around his wrists and ankles clattered loudly on the stone floor. Gabriel smiled vaguely.

“Where have you been?” he asked “we looked for you”

“I've been all over the place” she smiled “and here”

“You could have left” Allegra shook her head.

“No, your mother put some sort of magick on the cell I was in and I couldn’t change. It broke when Sylver opened the door”

“Oh” Gabriel's eyes seemed to focus suddenly and he looked up. “Amelia” he said Allegra looked up at the daemon.

“Gabriel I'm sorry”

“Daemons can’t die”

“Of course they can” Allegra said sadly.

“But before they disappear and come back again”

“They have that ability but only if they can do it before they die”

“Why didn’t Amelia go?” Gabriel asked struggling to sit up Allegra put a hand on his shoulder to keep him steady.

“I don’t think she could”

“Can you look and make sure for me?” Allegra smiled sadly

“Of course I can” she pulled Gabriel's good arm behind him so he could hold himself up then she stood and moved around him to Amelia. She pushed the deep red hair out of Amelia's face and sighed using her hand to shut the daemons eyes. “She’s gone” she said carefully Gabriel frowned.

“Thanks” he managed to say.

“Were you two close?” Allegra knelt back down beside him.

“Not really” Gabriel said “but every time I saw her she helped me in some way”


“By telling me I was an idiot mostly” Gabriel laughed.

“I met her a few times” Allegra smiled “she was a nice girl. Anyway” Allegra stood up “we have to get you and Morgan out of here”

“How?” Gabriel growled “it’s impossible”

“No its not” she smiled at him. 

The End

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