Gabriel waited two days for Amelia to return but when the door creaked open it was Aura and Morgan that entered.

“Hello my son” Aura seemed unusually happy about something.

“Hello Father” Morgan greeted him correctly.

“Hi” Gabriel replied to her.

“I have a little bit of news for you” Aura sneered at him. “I found something today. Can you tell me what it was?”

“A personality” Gabriel snarled it was worth the slap around the face for her look of shock.

Then the angel smiled and pulled a knife from her robes the blade was bloodstained she held it up near Gabriel's face the vampyre let out a moan of anguish as he recognized the smell.

“Amelia” Aura sneered “it turns out she was a spy. Did you know when a shapeshifter sleeps they can not retain their chosen shape?” Gabriel couldn’t reply his chest was tight and tears were building up in his eyes. “I went to see her, to thank her for getting your fever down so quickly.” Aura smiled “and there she was, most certainly no angel”

“Where is she?” Gabriel snarled Aura raised her eyebrows.

“Leave us” Aura flicked a hand at Morgan who looked at Gabriel, he nodded slowly, numbly. Aura raised her hand and the chains holding Gabriel's arms up dropped the magick around his waist vanishing.

Gabriel landed on the stone floor his legs weak from lack of movement. Aura hauled him up by the back of his neck and dragged him to the door. They passed Morgan in the hallway she followed the down the corridor and down the stairs to the next group of cells.   


Aura pulled open one of the cell doors and dragged Gabriel inside. The stench of drying blood was overpowering and Gabriel squeezed his eyes shut.

Amelia hung as he had her shredded demonic wings on view her head lay back on the stone wall. Her clothes were blood drenched the gaping wound that ran from ear to ear around her throat still slowly pumping blood.

“You evil, twisted…” Gabriel started Aura's fist connected with his mouth.

“Don’t you dare make me out to be the monster here. This creature came in here pretending and reporting everything on Lucifer's orders.

“Dawn” Gabriel hissed blood dripping down his chin.

“Lucifer” Aura repeated. “If there is one thing I hate it’s a liar” she dragged Gabriel up to look into his face. “As you well know. My son you are as twisted and sick as he is and I don’t think I’ll ever teach you to be what you should be. You will stay here you will have no visitors." She threw Gabriel forward his thin body hit the blood soaked stones hard. Aura grabbed Morgan's wrist pulling the horror struck girl from the room.  

Gabriel pulled himself towards Amelia he dragged himself up digging his claws into the gaps between the stones in the wall. He lifted her head the gaping hole in her neck seemed to close as her head fell forward.

“Amelia” Gabriel growled he bit back his tears as the daemon didn’t move. “Amelia, please wake up. You’re a daemon you can’t die” but the already cooling body didn’t reply Gabriel slid down the wall unable to hold himself up any more.


The End

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