Immaturity and IntrudersMature

Back on the midway the suns blazed on opposite sides of the sky lighting everything a strange purple. Dawn looked at the deserted daemon city and frowned it wasn’t quite deserted anymore. Tall, thin white skinned creatures roamed between the buildings.

“What the hell?” Sylver asked.

“I've never seen anything like them” Dawn frowned he looked at his watch. 

"How long have we been away?" Sylver asked Dawn thought for a moment. 

"If my maths skills are anything to go by" he paused. "We've been in Paradise for just under three days" he stopped again.

"And?" Sylver asked. 

"Around a week" Dawn said frowning. "We've been away from the midway for maybe seven days" 

“Well we’re in no condition for any kind of confrontation” Sylver stated.

“Maybe we can camp here” Chrys said quietly.

“Well I don’t know about anyone else” Sylver said “but I'm going to have to feed soon” Maxwell and the others nodded in agreement.

“You fed two nearly three days ago” Malachi frowned

“We burn it quicker under stress” Sylver stated smiling slightly.

“We can do it” Deacon said Sylver shook his head.

“Dawn cant, Allegra's not in full health that leaves you and Malachi to feed five of us”

“It won’t be enough” Dawn growled.


“No” Dawn growled at Deacon.

“We need to find somewhere where we’re safe” Sylver said. “Then we can get Gabriel and work out what these things are.” Sylver jumped as Allegra landed on his shoulder her tiny hand on his cheek.

“I'm going back to see Gabriel” she said inside his head. “I will try and find a way to get him out and if not at least I can feed him” Sylver put a hand up to his shoulder and Allegra laughed as she jumped down onto his palm. “You and Gabriel are so similar” she said.

“They’re not you know” Dawn smiled.

“I agree with Dawn” Sylver frowned he could only just see Allegra's small smile.

“You are though. You even smell the same” she took off before Sylver could even reply disappearing into the treetops.

“What did she mean by that?” Sylver growled Dawn sniggered.

“I'm afraid I do, mostly, agree with her on that one” he smiled.

“What?” Sylver snapped looking puzzled.

“Me too” Deacon grinned clapping a hand on Sylver's shoulder.

“Huh?” Maxwell and the others were in fits of laughter. “Will you lot grow up” Sylver snapped Dawn smiled at him.

 "You sound like him too" he said.“Come on lets go”

“Where?” Maxwell asked.

“If we can get to the Underworld that would be the best place for now” Dawn said he sighed.

“Well we can stop here for a little while until nightfall” Sylver growled he was still irritated.

“If there is one” Dawn said looking at the sunrise.

The End

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