Leaving ParadiseMature

The group stayed in Lewis’ small house the next day the angel watched them all closely. He changed Dawn's bandages and put two stitches into the cut in the daemons hairline.

As the day wore on everyone noticed that Dawn was becoming more and more jumpy.

“Sire?” Deacon said quietly as Dawn got up and walked to the curtained window.

“Yes?” Dawn asked.

“Are you okay?” Dawn nodded.

“I'm fine”

“Sire you're very jumpy” Allegra cut into their conversation.

“I'm just getting a little impatient is all” Dawn growled Lewis passed him a cigarette and the daemon sat back down.

“You’re really worried about him aren’t you” Lewis smiled.

“Of course I am” Dawn snapped Lewis shrugged.

“I was just pointing it out, it’s unusual for someone to care that much about him.”

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“Because Gabriel doesn’t let anyone do that”

“He lets me”

“He does not” Sylver laughed. “He puts up with it Dawn after a lot of shouting and swearing at you”

“That sounds more like Gabriel” Lewis grinned. Dawn frowned and slumped back in the armchair.

“You look like a sulky school kid” Maxwell pointed out. Dawn growled at him and sulked for the rest of the afternoon.


The evening came round fast and nearmidnightLewis led the group from the small house and down the dark street. Dawn was moving on his own but he was still slower than normal. The streets were still abandoned and in the richer part of the city there were guards patrolling but in Lewis’ part of the city the streets were quiet and undisturbed.


In the distance they could see the edge of Paradise and even Dawn managed to speed up slightly. They reached the cliffs and Lewis looked back at the city.

“Having second thoughts?” Dawn asked quietly the angel shook his head.

“No” he said “I was just thinking that this side of the city will wonder where I've gone” he chewed the inside of his cheek for a moment. “you guys go ahead I’ll catch you up” Lewis smiled “I've got an idea”

“Will you be okay?” Sylver asked Lewis nodded.

“I’ll be fine I’ll explain when I see you again” Lewis passed his small bag to Maxwell “could you look after this for me?” Maxwell nodded.

“Sure” he said slinging it onto his back. Lewis smiled slightly at them then vanished back into the dark streets.

“Well” Allegra smiled “wasn’t he pleasant” Dawn thought he saw Chrys flush slightly beneath his curtains of hair the daemon laughed quietly.

“Come on lets get home” he said.


The End

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