Gabriel's Got Some HelpMature

Gabriel frowned slightly.

“Amelia?” he said groggily.

“Shhh” the woman smiled she held a cold cloth to Gabriel's forehead.

“You can’t be here” Gabriel growled.

“Why not?” she whispered.

“Because you're a daemon” Amelia looked at the door quickly then spread her white feathered wings.

“Not right now I'm not.” she grinned.

“I don’t understand”

“I'm sure I explained it to you” she said quietly “I'm a shapeshifter” she pulled a tiny pair of scissors from her pocket “lets tidy this up a bit shall we?” she ran the damp cloth over Gabriel's short hair the vampyre nodded slightly.

“I saw Dawn” he slurred.

“You did?” Amelia said calmly “when was this?”

“About an hour ago” Gabriel frowned looking confused “but he left ages ago”

“Are you sure you weren’t imagining it?” Amelia asked reasonably.

“He said he was a hallucination but he could touch me and I've never heard of a hallucination being able to touch anyone before”

“Hm” Amelia frowned. “He shouldn’t be using his magick up here. Next time you see him tell him off for me, okay?” she smiled and Gabriel nodded slowly.

“I will” he said quietly. Amelia moved to the side of the vampyre that was furthest from the door.

“Do me a favour” she whispered in Gabriel's ear he nodded slightly. “Hold your breath and try not to make a sound”


“Trust me” Amelia said she was watching the partially open door of the cell. “Hold tight” she said the vampyre hissed as the needle pierced the large vein in his neck. Daemon blood flowed from her into him and she held his head up as he bit his lip trying not to make a sound.

Amelia carried on neatening up his ragged hair as Gabriel felt the fever begin to lose its battle with the blood in his system.

“That’s enough” Amelia said pulling the needle out gently Gabriel growled. “I cant give you any more you cant fight her yet even if I give you enough and if the fever clears too quickly she’ll know” Gabriel nodded reluctantly he knew she was right but he didn’t want to admit it.


Dawn winced as Lewis strapped his left arm up tying the bandage up at the back of the daemons neck in a makeshift sling.

“Any other injuries?” the angel asked Dawn shook his head. “Are you sure?” Lewis pointed out the dried blood on Dawn's jeans near his knee.

“No that’s where I fed Gabriel before we came here”

“He fed from your leg?” Lewis pulled a face.

“No, I wiped my wrist on my jeans” Dawn said casually.

“Hey, how's it going?” Sylver had come into the room.

“All done” Lewis smiled.

“Good I wanted a word with Dawn.” Sylver said looked at him frowning “don’t worry its nothing you’ve done wrong for once” Lewis smiled. “By the way Lewis you might want to go and talk to Allegra she's alphabetising your herbs” Sylver smiled Lewis groaned and Maxwell and Deacon followed him out of the room.


The End

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