Dawn groaned as Lewis sat him down on the edge of is bed and tugged his torn and ragged t-shirt up over his head.

“Well that’s a certainty right there” Lewis said “you have at least two broken ribs” he gently prodded the pitch black bruise that ran around the left of the daemons chest under his arm. Maxwell walked into the room a steaming bowl in his hand he froze when he saw Dawn.

“What?” Dawn growled.

“I didn’t know you were hurt so badly” Dawn laughed bitterly.

“Wait until you see your brother he’ll be a lot more colourful than me” Lewis took the bowl from Maxwell.

“Thank you” he said taking the cloth out of the water

“Allegra said to give you this” he handed Lewis a tiny cloth wrapped parcel.

“What’s in it?” Lewis asked.

“She said” Maxwell paused for a moment. “Salt from your kitchen. Lavender from the dried herbs on the windowsill and marigold petals from the dying pot on the table” Lewis smiled

“I like Allegra” she said he dropped the little parcel into the bowl of water. “And the cloth?”

“You had a few little bits on the drying line” Maxwell said Lewis nodded. “I boiled it first”

“What are they all for?” Deacon asked

“Well, seeing as my new friend here is a daemon.” Lewis smiled “my magick will probably do more harm than good. So there's salt for antiseptic and cleaning properties marigold for swelling and lavender for both. Also it will make his lordship here smell better” Lewis grinned wringing the cloth out over the bowl Dawn snorted.

“Thanks” he said painfully.

“You won’t be thanking me in a minute” Lewis said as he started to clean the dried blood from the daemons face. Dawn hissed and swore as the salty water came in contact with the open wounds. “I told you” Lewis said “there's not much I can do about your tooth I'm afraid” he said quietly

“S’alright” Dawn said “it should sort itself out” Lewis nodded.    

The End

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