A Little MessageMature

Daryll pulled the ladder out from its hole and was the first to climb it pulling the window up and slipping inside quietly. Tairas followed then Maxwell helped Sylver up as well as he could the ladder creaked ominously with the two vampyres on it.

“Wait there Dawn” Maxwell said climbing in the window. Chrys, Allegra, Malachi and Deacon waited too.

After a few moments a door at the side of the house opened and Daryll came out he walked into the back of the house and pushed the ladder back into the wall then beckoned for the others to follow him inside.


Gabriel's vision swam he knew Morgan was in the room with Aura but he kept fazing in and out of consciousness.

“Please let me take care of him” Morgan pleaded.

“That will not be appropriate” Aura replied.

“Please, he's not well”

“I am fully aware of that” Aura snapped. “I will assign someone to take care of his fever.”

“It would also help to stop torturing him” Morgan shouted Aura frowned.

“I do not torture anyone. I am merely teaching him”

“But he can never learn if he doesn’t know what he's done wrong” Gabriel groaned as he heard the sharp sound of a slap Morgan held her stinging cheek.

“Now look what you made me do” Aura snarled she took a few deep breaths and her face smoothed out and she gathered Morgan into her arms. “I am sorry my child but please do not argue with me I am doing my best for both of you”

Gabriel growled slightly then his mind shut down again.


When he awoke he looked into a familiar pair of eyes.

“Hello Gabriel”   


Lewis rolled a cigarette as he sat listening to Sylver who was relaying the events of the last few days. The angel listened patiently not interrupting or asking questions.

“Then I remembered you” Sylver frowned. “It was strange its like the idea of you just popped into my head” Lewis nodded.

“I think I know why” he said he stood pulling an envelope from his back pocket “I received this early this morning.” He opened the envelope and showed it to Sylver. An inch of silver hair sat in the bottom and a bloody thumbprint was stamped inside the lip of the envelope. “I only know of four angels with silver hair.”

“Gabriel, mother and me” Sylver counted “whose the fourth?” he frowned Lewis smiled and tapped the side of his nose then he tuned to Dawn.

“You” he said “are first on my list of priorities” the angel helped Deacon to stand Dawn up from his seat on the bare wooden floor. Maxwell go into the kitchen please. I need hot water and there is a clean washcloth on the line” Maxwell nodded and Allegra went with him into the kitchen. “This way” Lewis lead Dawn upstairs Deacon followed keeping his hand on the daemons back as Dawn slowly climbed up after the angel.

The End

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