The Beginnings of a PlanMature

Sylver was very quiet until they reached the end of the tunnel, a metal cap had been fixed over the end of the huge pipe they were in a ladder that was rusted beyond use clung to the wall leading up to a service hatch above them.

“This is going to be fun” Sylver growled. “I’ll go first I want to see what's up there.” Deacon cupped his hands and Sylver lifted his foot Deacon lifted Sylver up and the vampyre pushed the hatch cover a few times before it opened falling onto the floor above them with a terrific bang.

Sylver grabbed the edge of the opening and hauled himself up into a tiny brick room. A rusted metal door gave way under Sylver sharp kick. He peered outside and saw that the streets were dirty and muddy they were also deserted. He looked back down into the pipe.

“The cities on curfew” he called “the alarm must have gone off out here too.” He reached his arms down. “Come on Dawn your first” the daemon looked up and growled.


Deacon and Tairas hoisted the large daemon up and Sylver gripped his arms struggling to pull him up. The daemon groaned in pain as he landed on the floor of the small room. The others all came up one by one all helped by Tairas who aside from Dawn was the tallest.

Sylver hung down his ankles held by Deacon and pulled his quiet brother up.  Sylver walked to the door taking another look the others saw him shake his head.

“Sylver?” Maxwell caught his brother as he fell. “What’s wrong?”

“I'm okay just a little light headed”

“Come on then lets get home at least then we can start working out what to do” Maxwell supported Sylver and Tairas took over helping Deacon with Dawn. They all quietly walked into the dark street.


Sylver had been right the streets were empty all the ragged curtains of the poor side of the city had been drawn. Sylver s head snapped up and he frowned.

“Lewis” he mumbled still leaning on Maxwell

“What?” Dawn asked.

“An old friend of Gabriel's” Sylver elaborated he pointed the way in the dark and as they reached the dark alleyway at the side of the angels small house Sylver was slightly shocked that he'd remembered the way. 

The End

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