Things are Getting a Little StrangeMature

Sylver looked back at the others Deacon was struggling to keep Dawn upright the vampyre dropped back and slid under Dawn's other arm Dawn groaned as Sylver accidentally knocked his ribcage the daemon coughed and grimaced as he tasted blood.

“Sylver we have to stop soon” Deacon panted.

“Okay the water should drain off soon these pipes aren’t actually used for sewage any more the water just flushes the rest of the system out.”



Gabriel opened his eyes his skin was burning but he shivered violently.

“Gabriel?” a voice called him.

“Dawn?” Gabriel frowned the daemon was sitting on a little wooden chair “I thought you left?” Dawn laughed.

“Did I?” he stood up Gabriel noticed that he was wearing all black looking very neat and there were no injuries to be seen.

“You’re not real” Gabriel squeezed his eyes shut feeling a hand on his face he opened them slowly.

“Don’t I feel real?” Dawn asked.

“You’re not Dawn” Gabriel snapped the daemon smiled.

“Then who am I?”

“I don’t care you're not him”

“I am, but only in your mind sweetie”

“What?” Gabriel didn’t understand.

“You’re actually hallucinating” Dawn said “you're ill”

“What?” Gabriel didn’t know what else to say.

“Angel blood” Dawn said smiling “you have my blood and angel blood inside you”

“So?” Gabriel's head was pounding he just wanted to sleep.

“So, they're fighting for dominance meanwhile you're stuck in the middle”

“Oh” Gabriel was shivering badly. “Its cold Dawn” the daemon smiled at him and ran a hand over Gabriel's short hair.

“Keep fighting sweetie I will see you again” Gabriel nodded and shut his eyes.


Sylver and Deacon pulled Dawn out of the water the large daemon had passed out around five minutes before.

“Sire?” Deacon said gently tapping Dawn's bruised face. “Sire?” Sylver double took as he looked at Dawn. Two Dawn's were in front of him one lay on the cold metal of the pipe the other dressed smartly in all black looked down at him an expression of disgust on his face.

“Dawn?” Sylver said not sure of what he was seeing. The Dawn in black looked up at him and smiled then lay down dissolving into the body on the floor.

Battered and bruised Dawn opened his eyes and began to cough violently he rolled himself over pulling himself up onto his hands and knees. Sylver held him steady as he coughed spitting blood onto the floor. “Okay?” Sylver asked the daemon. Dawn wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, breathing hard and nodded.

“Thanks” Dawn said his voice hoarse.

“You’re welcome” Sylver frowned.

“What?” Dawn asked confused at the vampyres expression.

“Can I ask a strange question?” Dawn nodded. “Are you real?”

“Sylver are you okay?” Maxwell asked Sylver nodded and Dawn looked at him oddly.

“I hope so” Dawn said. “Why?”

“No reason, just my mind playing tricks” Sylver shrugged. Dawn sat himself down in the tunnel and Malachi lit his magick up now they were out of the water.

“you know Sylver” Dawn said slowly “I don’t think its just your mind I've just had a dream, I think. Your brothers pretty much just asked me exactly the same thing”  

The End

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