Words of Wisdom and Words of a LiarMature

Sylver let out a whoop of joy at the sight he saw through one of the cell doors.

“This is it” he grinned.

“It’s what?” Dawn growled

“Our way out” Sylver flung the wooden door open. “It’s a dummy cell.”


“For the sewer workers they disguised it as a cell so the inmates wouldn’t suspect there was a way out so near them.”

“How do you know about it?” Dawn asked

“I spent a lot of time in the library” Sylver said walking into the cell he used his shoulder to push one of the larger stones in the wall and a stone near his feet dropped splashing somewhere below.

“Who knew you were a bookworm?” Deacon smiled supporting Dawn as he came into the tiny room.

Somewhere above them an alarm began to ring.

“I think we've been discovered” Tairas said.

“My god he speaks” Chrys said quietly. Dawn burst out laughing holding his sore ribs Deacon bit his lip but couldn’t help himself and joined his master giggling loudly. Chrys looked a little shocked then he smiled at the daemons Allegra smiled too.

“You’ve come out of your shell” she said happily.

“Only just” Deacon grinned “that’s the first time we've actually heard him speak” Chrys shrugged.

“Morgan's not here” he said quietly

“Come on” Sylver said good naturedly and sat Dawn on the edge of the gap in the rocks lowering himself down into the sewer below.  

Getting Dawn down the small hole was a little bit of a challenge but the daemon swearing loudly as he landed in the water at the bottom of a huge metal pipe made Sylver's day.

“You’re a bit cleaner now” the vampyre grinned catching Deacon as he came down.

“Asshole” Dawn growled picking himself up with Deacon's help.


Gabriel growled loudly as his wrist came free from the manacles he looked up starting to work on the other one. The spiked cuff was still on his wrist but without the pressure f the manacle it didn’t bother him.

“Having fun?” a voice said from the door Gabriel froze.

“Mother” he said

“Don’t sound so sad my son” Aura smiled she undid the loose manacle above Gabriel's head and wrenching his sore arm up she locked it back in the heavy iron. “I think you'll have more difficulty now” she smiled the metal cut into Gabriel's skin as she tightened the bar at the back of the cuff. “also” she said thoughtfully “I think something to keep you still” she raised her hand and blue- silver fire wrapped around Gabriel's waist it pulled him up his feet a foot from the ground.

“Mother” Gabriel groaned the magick was pulling on his wounds from earlier in the day.

“When you learn to behave I will let you down” Aura smiled “I believe your little friends are now on the run”

“I heard” Gabriel snarled referring to the alarm that had sounded.

“Good” Gabriel growled blood was dripping down his arm faster then it had been. “I'm assuming that you will need to have blood soon?” Aura said “you're looking thin my son” she smiled and clicked her fingers the angel from earlier ran in he had a medical blood pack in his hand along with a needle and a tube.

“What are you doing?” Gabriel snarled as Aura set the bag up hanging it from the chains above Gabriel's head.

“I'm helping” Aura informed him, inserting the needle into the vein in Gabriel's wrist.

He flinched as the needle entered the cuts already there. Then unable to help himself he cried out painfully as his mothers blood entered his system. Aura's magick tore into him he shut his eyes and passed out.




The End

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