Sylver ran into the filthy cell bending down to the thin figure on the floor.

“Allegra” he said quietly “wake up” he lifted Allegra's shoulders into his lap and her eyes fluttered open.

“Gabriel?” she said looking at Sylver.

“Not quite” Sylver smiled. Allegra groaned and saw the others crowded at the cell door “Chrys” she smiled Chrys ran to her and wrapped his arms around her then helped Sylver lift her up and stand her on her rather unsteady feet.

“Come on lets get out of here” Sylver said.

“Where’s Morgan?” Allegra asked. “And Gabriel?”

“Long story” Deacon smiled at her “lets get out first and we’ll explain everything and you can tell us where you’ve been” Allegra nodded and Chrys led her out of the cell.


Blood dripped to the cell floor Gabriel hung limp in his chains, his breathing ragged. Aura had gone to find Morgan and left him alone he looked up painfully examining his shackles. He tugged his wrists slightly and felt the spikes dig in to his skin he growled quietly.

“In you come” Aura's voice said she pushed Morgan into the cell “now look at your father.” Morgan’s green eyes were bloodshot her face pale she sniffed.

“Are you okay?” she said her voice quiet and slightly too high.

“I’ll be okay” Gabriel smiled at her.

“But Morganna” Aura moved to Gabriel's side and delicately pulled his ripped and bloodstained t-shirt up Gabriel growled in pain. “Look what you did”

“I didn’t” Morgan said confused.

“Yes you did by disobeying me and running away like a child you did this” Aura sneered at the girl. “Are you a child?” Morgan shook her head slowly and Aura dug her long fingers into Gabriel neck.

“I would like a proper answer” Aura said over Gabriel cry of pain.

“No, I'm not a child” Morgan choked out and Aura released her son.

“good.” Aura swept from the room and Morgan looked at Gabriel for a moment.

“Don’t” Gabriel said “it’s not your fault.”


“No listen” Gabriel hissed “look for Lewis”

“Morganna” Aura's voice snapped form outside the cell.

“Lewis?” Gabriel nodded
“Tell him what's happening” Morgan nodded swiftly her tears dried in an instant.

“Okay” she ran from the cell.

Gabriel looked up and began to painfully wriggle one wrist.

The End

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