Raoul Dawn and an Old Friend.Mature

When Gabriel opened his eyes again Morgan had gone Aura was stood in front of him he looked unwittingly into the mirror she held. His hair was a ragged mess most of it was around an inch long he bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself making a sound but he couldn’t stop the tear that ran down his face.

“There isn’t that better?” Aura said smiling she thrust the mirror at the angel who had carried in the bowl. She rolled her sleeves up and pulled the wet cloth from the bowl and wiped it sopping wet over what remained of Gabriel's hair.     

“Get off” Gabriel whispered he couldn’t even bring himself to shout.

“I'm only helping” Aura said her voice sweet.

“I don’t want your help” Gabriel said he felt numb.

“Very well” she threw the cloth back into the bowl the water slopped over the sides. Aura flicked a dismissive finger at the angel nearby and he bent down picking the bowl up then left the room. “You know” Aura said “your daughter is as much of a coward as you. Oh well she will learn you'll be her lessons” Gabriel glared at her as she reached into her robes again.


Dawn and the others were heading further and further down into the depths o the palaces dungeons.

“I know its here somewhere” Sylver said to himself as he peered into each cell most of the occupants were asleep or dying.

“What’s here?” Dawn asked he stumbled and Deacon fell landing on his knees. “Sorry Deacon” Dawn said. Suddenly Sylver cried out his body convulsing slightly his hand braced on the wall.

“Sylver?” Maxwell ran to him as Deacon helped Dawn up. Sylver's eyes snapped open

“This way.” He said harshly he could feel Gabriel somewhere above him the sharp pain that spread across Sylver's side was merely a sample of what Gabriel could feel.

“Sylver” Dawn growled. The vampyre turned to him “Gabriel” Dawn said softly Sylver nodded as another wave of pain ran through him.

“Come on” Sylver said.

“No” Dawn said “I have to go back”

“You cant she’ll kill you in a second.” Maxwell snapped.

“I don’t care” Dawn snapped

Raoul took a deep breath

“Then think of Gabriel” he said loudly.

“I am” Dawn growled at him.

“No you're thinking of you. If you go up there and get yourself killed then one she punishes him and two you're not with us to help him.” Dawn glared at Raoul.

“I want to help him now Raven”

“So do I but there is no point until we’re ready. Gabriel will be fine he lived through this before you were even around.”

“I was around”

“Not for him you weren’t” Raoul shouted “I was” Dawn stared at Raoul. “I know Gabriel. You won’t be thanked if you get yourself killed.” Dawn didn’t know what to say.

“This way” Sylver said. he peered into another cell.

“Allegra?” he said “Deacon give me the keys quickly.”   

The End

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