How Low Can You GoMature

Deacon dumped the unconscious guard by a cell door and removed the ring of keys from the guard’s belt. Then tucking himself beneath Dawn's arm and supporting the larger as they down the corridor finding the stairs easily.


Deacon touched the handle the handle of the holding cell and snatched his hand back quickly.

“Bloody hell that’s hot” he hissed. 

“Hello” a voice said from inside.

“Sylver?” Deacon called.

“Deacon” Sylver shouted back “its Deacon” he said happily.

“Stop burning the damn keyhole” Deacon said.


Inside the cell Malachi moved away from the door the flames that seemed to flick and writhe beneath his skin died down. He sat down near the door pale and breathing hard. Daryll put an arm around the quiet daemons shoulders and Malachi smiled at him.

A few minutes passed the cells inhabitants heard a key turn in the cooling lock.

The door creaked open and Sylver grinned widely at Deacon then his smile dropped as he saw Dawn.

“Are you okay?” he stood to help Deacon as he slid back under the daemons arm.

“I'm fine” Dawn said.

“Where’s Gabriel?” Maxwell asked

“We couldn’t get him out” Dawn growled

“Dawn, Gabriel said to get everyone else out” Deacon reminded him “once we’re somewhere more comfortable then we can worry about how to get Gabriel and Morgan out” Dawn nodded reluctantly


Gabriel looked up as the door opened he braced himself for the shouting as Aura realized what had happened.

“So” she smiled “they left you behind”

“I told them too” Aura shrugged and Gabriel didn’t know what to say it wasn’t the reaction he'd expected. Aura stepped into the room followed by Morgan and a tall thin angel who carried a bowl of steaming water.

“Set it down” Aura ordered. She looked at Morgan who bent down and lifted a cloth from the bowl she wrung it out and stepped towards Gabriel then she hesitated.

“Remember” Aura smiled. “No task is too low” Morgan nodded and she ran the cloth down Gabriel's cheek wiping the mud and sand, from Bain and their journey, away.

“Very good” Aura smiled as Morgan rinsed the cloth in the water.

“I'm sorry” Morgan mouthed making sure Aura didn’t see her Gabriel shook his head he was actually enjoying the hot water.

“I do think we have a problem though” Aura smiled and she stepped towards Gabriel. She reached over his shoulder and pulled his braid forward over his shoulder.

“Mother” Gabriel said “please”

“I don’t think a bowl of water will get this clean” Aura said looking at Morgan “do you?”

“I could try” Morgan said Aura laughed

“I admire your enthusiasm” she said “but no I don’t think it will be possible” she released Gabriel's braid and reached into her robes. Gabriel tried to ignore the flash of light as he heard the scrape of metal as the scissors opened he shut his eyes as the first silver strands fell to the floor.              



The End

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