Blood and Piercings (looooong chapter)Mature

A set of keys rattled outside the door and Deacon swiftly put his flame out as the door opened flooding the little room with light. Aura stepped in her shoes made no sound on the flagstone floor. Morgan followed her dressed magnificently in red satin and velvet she stopped seeing Gabriel then her eyes flicked to Dawn.

“Come here” Aura said harshly Morgan's eyes filled with tears “now” Aura ordered. Dawn nodded slightly behind Aura's back and she did as she was told. She didn’t look at Gabriel as the tears spilled over running silently down her cheeks.

“Hello my son” Aura smiled. “Say hello” she said looking at Morgan.

“Hello” Morgan sniffed.

“Properly please” Morgan bobbed a clumsy curtsey fanning her skirts with her hands.

“Father” she said quietly looking up at him. Gabriel smiled gently as Morgan sniffed again.

“Very good” Aura said now we will go and see the others members of your family and you will greet them correctly the first time.  Gabriel glared at Aura his eyes burnt into hers.

“Go to hell” he snarled venom dripped from each word.

“Outside Morganna” Aura said not looking at the girl Morgan looked at Gabriel who nodded once his eyes not leaving Aura. She left slowly and closed the door behind her. “Now my son I believe you requested me to do something would you repeat it please?”

“I did” Gabriel growled. “I said go to hell”

“I have been to hell my son and you are on your way” she pulled something small from her pocket and reaching up she fixed something cold around each of Gabriel's wrists just next to the manacles. “I will come and see you all tomorrow” Aura kissed Gabriel's cheek gently an instinctively he snapped his teeth at her almost caching her ear. “I think I may have to remove those teeth at some point” she smiled “lets see my son without demonic features again” Gabriel strained forward to try and reach her and hissed as something dug into each wrist blood began to drip down his arms into his t-shirt sleeves Aura laughed.

“I hope you enjoy my little gift” she smiled “try not to fall asleep a little pressure will make them cut” she turned to Dawn “I hope you enjoy watching” she left slamming the door shut behind her Gabriel waited until the lock clicked before he swore and looked up.

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“She’s put spikes in the manacles and I'm already bleeding” Dawn's eyes widened as Deacon started his flame again.

“I think the plan to get out of here is a good one” Deacon grinned he set his small fireball on the floor.
“Where are the others?” Gabriel asked.

“All in a holding cell down one floor” Deacon said. “I got up here by saying that my job was to protect Dawn at all costs” Gabriel nodded.

“So she put you here to watch Dawn suffer” Deacon nodded and began examining the metal around is right ankle.

“Your mother lives in the stone age” he said absently.

“Huh?” Gabriel asked.

“This is nothing” he reached up to his ear and pushed his short hair back revealing a scaffolding piercing across the top of his ear. Swiftly he undid it began to pick the lock on the manacle.

“What the hell?” Gabriel asked Deacon looked up at him for a moment.

“I've had to get out of handcuffs a surprising amount of times” Deacon said with a grin then carried on picking the lock.


“Hm?” the daemon said still working.

“Why are the others all in one cell?”

“Lack of space.” Gabriel mouthed Deacon's words to make sure he'd heard them correctly.

“There’s over a thousand cells down here” he stated.

“Apparently all full” Deacon said.

“She’s insane” Gabriel said.

“No” Dawn growled “she's a genius a nutter with power and influence is a genius”

“Like you, you mean” Gabriel smiled Dawn laughed as well as he could.

“I'm an idiotic genius remember? Completely different things” Gabriel tried to smile but he could hear the pain in Dawn's voice. “Gabriel” Dawn interrupted his thoughts “don’t think on it sweetie I’ll be fine”

“Are you sure?” Gabriel asked Dawn nodded and Gabriel noticed him wince.

“I'm sorry”

“Will you two love birds stop it” Deacon said as his cuff clicked and came undone he stood up and walked to Dawn. “We’re not beaten yet” Dawn shook his head.

“Gabriel first” he said. Deacon nodded and crossed to Gabriel reaching up he found the first keyhole. Gabriel hissed as the spikes dug into him he could fell buzzing in the manacles.

“Deacon stop” he shouted Deacon jumped back.


“Get Dawn out” the vampyre sighed.

“I don’t care which of you goes first” Deacon growled.

“Well it won’t be me” Gabriel said “I'm spelled in”


“The manacles have magick in them it activated when you did that”

“Gabriel I'm not leaving without you” Dawn snarled as Deacon began to unlock his cuffs.

“You’re going to have to” Gabriel snapped back. The daemon groaned as he dropped into Deacon's arms Deacon sat him down and began working on his ankle cuffs.

“No way” Dawn growled. “I can break the spells”

“You couldn’t break a milk jug right now Dawn so don’t bother”

“She’ll kill you” Dawn said as Deacon pulled him up Gabriel shook his head.

“You really are an idiot” he said “all the time she's training Morgan I'm useful. Even after that she won’t kill me she enjoys hurting me too much” Dawn bit his lip splitting it again. Deacon knelt down working on the lock on the door. Dawn moved painfully to stand in front of Gabriel he put both hands on Gabriel's cheeks.

“Sweetie please” Dawn said quietly “we can get you out, we have too”

“Get you and the others out” Gabriel said “I have to stay for Morgan” Dawn pushed Gabriel's filthy hair out of the vampyres face. He carefully wrapped his arms around the vampyre and kissed Gabriel mouth gently. Gabriel could feel Dawn shaking as Deacon came and pulled his lord and master away.

“Good luck” Deacon smiled at Gabriel the vampyre nodded.

“You too” he licked his lip and tasted the blood there it zinged through him pleasantly.

“Thanks Dawn” he said to himself as the door closed leaving the vampyre in the dark.           
















The End

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