Gabriel awoke to a burning pain in his shoulder he was hanging by his wrists from the ceiling in some kind of cell. He could hear water dripping somewhere nearby opening his eyes wide he peered into the darkness around him. He tried to move his feet but he was held to the floor by shackles around his ankles that were chained to the floor.

“Gabriel?” a harsh, cracked voice said from somewhere in front of him.

“Who’s that?” he ordered his voice broke slightly as he spoke.

“Its Dawn” the voice replied the daemon coughed Gabriel had never heard Dawn cough before and the sound was strange to him.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked.

“I've been better” Dawn admitted Gabriel heard movement to his right.

“Dawn? Gabriel?” Deacon's voice said a ball of flame lit up the tiny stone room. Gabriel shut his eyes the sudden light hurting them.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said “are you alright?” Gabriel nodded squinting as he opened his eyes little by little. Dawn and Deacon came into focus slowly. Deacon was a little battered and bruised and was only held by a manacle around his ankle.

“Dawn I'm sorry” Gabriel said as he looked at the large daemon. Dawn's face was black and blue his lips spit and he had dried blood running down from his hairline. Gabriel didn’t want to imagine the damage beneath Dawn's thin clothes the daemon laughed painfully.

“I've had worse than this sweetie” he said painfully. “How about you?”

“I'm alright” Gabriel said Dawn laughed again.

“Bullshit as usual” he smiled and Gabriel noticed that one of his front teeth was chipped. “You’re not alright Deacon told me about your arm”

“My arms fine”

“But your other ones dislocated.” Dawn coughed turning his head away from both of them slowly he spat a mouthful of blood onto the stone floor.

“Deacon” Gabriel said “can you move?” the daemon stood the chain clinking slightly.

“I can’t reach you though I tried before you woke up” Deacon stretched his arm out as if to prove a point Gabriel shook his head. “Help Dawn” the vampyre said Deacon shuffled his feet and moved as close to Dawn as the chain would let him but he could only just reach the chained daemon.

“Don’t” Dawn said “don’t waste your energy yet.”




The End

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