Never Bargain with an AngelMature

She kissed Sylver's forehead then moved to Gabriel

“I think our lessons need reinstating don’t you?” she smiled “all of your siblings seem to have lost their manners. You on the other hand, your manners were laughable at best anyway” Aura said “lets see if we can fix them up a little shall we?” her elbow connected with Gabriel's stomach knocking the air from him his knees buckled as he coughed.

“Bitch” he hissed she smiled down at him.

“Time to go home I think” Aura sneered Gabriel felt himself wrenched upwards by his wrists his arms almost pulled from the sockets. Dawn was putting up a fight as five angels tried to hold him still. Aura sighed and walked to Dawn's side Gabriel saw the tiny spark as she put her hand up near the daemons face. The spark connected with Dawn's temple the daemons eyes rolled up and he collapsed.

Gabriel's indistinct cry of rage echoed through Bain making Aura turn towards him her face moved directly into the path of Gabriel's forehead forcing her bottom lip onto her teeth. She smiled a bloody smile and raised her hand again Gabriel lifted into the air hanging by his wrists his body bent forwards.

His arms creaked in the sockets of his shoulders, one of his shoulder popped echoing loudly and Gabriel's scream of pain followed it.  Aura dropped him down onto the ground as Caleb came up to her.

“What about our deal?” the wolf growled.

“I make no bargains with animals” Aura sneered holding herself up high. She pulled Morgan to her side the girl had silent tears pouring down her face.

Caleb lunged for Aura and the goddess smiled her hand flicked and with a sickening crunch Caleb’s neck snapped the wolf fell to the ground his body twitching slightly. 

The End

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